List of All Minecraft Items

Minecraft, is full of exciting opportunities to find luxury loot that is much rarer than you can imagine. Minecraft is a game of exploration and construction where RPG adventure elements are scattered here and there.

List of All Minecraft Items

In Minecraft if you explore the world, you will not find any kind of secrets and loot. From dungeons to mine axes, to other dimensions accessible only on portals of mystical dimensions, Minecraft is full of exciting opportunities to find loot at unimaginable levels.

Especially if you’re searching for juicy items, the list of 10 rarest Minecraft items, including the Heart of the Sea, ocean, will definitely help you plan your next exploration trip.

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1. Heart of the sea

If you have dreamed of creating an underwater base, you can really do it. But the process of getting everything to actually make a conduit is not the easiest. The first thing to do is the Heart of the Sea, a blue bead that is relatively often found in buried treasure chests.

List of All Minecraft Items

If you have a heart, you need to place eight nautilus shells around it to make a conduit. Then to power it, you’ll need all types of freezemarine blocks found in marine temples.

All of these items are very rare and hard to find, and the conduit is one of the best items in the game as it provides underwater breathing in a better field of view and area of effect. You may want to know What Does Heart of the Sea Do in Minecraft,

2. Magic golden apple

Golden Apple is a great but fairly common drop in dungeon boxes and more. However, the enchanted golden apple is much more powerful, providing 30 seconds of absorption IV, recovery II, 5 minutes of fire resistance, and 5 minutes of resistance.

There are very few chances to find this rare snack in dungeon boxes, desert temples, mines and even forest mansions. It can be created in two places, but the possibilities are so small that it remains a very greedy item in Minecraft to this day.

3. Nether Star

Some players may have seen a large pyramid of diamonds and gold blocks with beacon blocks on top. These beacons offer amazing bonuses from constant regeneration to faster mining speeds when you’re around. But to make a beacon, you need a Nether Star.

Nether Star is a rare item dropped by one of the game bosses known as Wider. He is hard to win, even if several players have beaten against him, but once you set up the beacons it’s worth the effort.

4. Dragon’s Breath

Many modern Minecraft players may not know this, but if you look at your achievements, you’ll get some good hints about what’s real. The next time you fight an ender dragon, take a bottle and breathe purple.

Dragon’s Breath is an item that allows you to extract the remaining potion, which lasts over time. Also, if you can catch a dragon’s breath, you’ll get some nice achievements at the end, so if you haven’t tried it yet, try it next

5. Bottle O ‘Magic Grant

Bottle OMagic Grant is a special kind of potion that can not be consumed. Instead, throw this fascinating glass bottle into your feet to get XP points.

One bottle contains about 3-11 points and will not necessarily make great progress for you. They are often found in looter outposts, sometimes in shipwreck treasure chests.

6. An enchanted book

You can craft a book and then use it to enchant it with random effects, but you can also find enchanted books in the wild. The best places are mines and desert temples.

But if you’re a little short of time and can’t leave the ground for some reason, you might find some while fishing. The better the magic of the fishing rod (the sea luck III is the best for looting), the more likely you will find it.

7. Immortal Totem

How do you want to be immortal? This is possible thanks to the Totem of Undying. But to get this totem you have to travel to the nearest forest mansion.

Under current world generation rules, they are typically thousands of blocks away. Some players reported moving up to 22,000 blocks to find blocks. Once there, you always need to defeat the Evoker that will drop the totem if you die.

8. Wither Skeleton Head

That black black skull in the Nether may seem scary, but it has one of the rarest items in the game, the Wither Skeleton Head. You can ask yourself why you need it, but you’ll need three of these to summon Wyther to touch the Nether Star.

It is very unlikely that the Wither Skeleton will drop its head upon death. However, it is advisable to wear the best loot III sword before performing work. Otherwise, you can wait for a while on the nether and actually find a single head.

9. Elite la

Who doesn’t want to fly in Minecraft survival? It sounds impossible for a long time, but it’s not the case for Elytra in the current game. Elytra is a chest armor that can be found in End Cities to which the End Ship is attached.

Once fitted, it can glide through the air, especially if you are good at sports, never to be harmed again. To get Elytra, you must first defeat Ender Dragon to gain access to End Island. It may take some time to meet End City there, but trekking is worth it.

10 End crystal

After killing the ender dragon, you can actually beat him if you have the right item. If you have 4 ender crystals and place them around a gate facing the pillar in the middle of the ender dragon’s spawn area, you can spawn the dragon once more.

These crystals are not actually produced, but they must be made of glass, the eyes of the ender, and huge tears. Given that two items are relatively difficult to obtain, ender crystals themselves are very rare and have a big advantage to resurrect a dragon.

So this was the list of all Minecraft items hopefully you like this list, if you want to know more items you can comment us below we will try to bring another list of of Minecraft Items.

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