Linus Torvalds returns to Linux development with new code of conduct in place

Linus Torvalds, a software engineer and frank Linux kernel writer, came back last month to oversee open source projects that voluntarily discontinued their efforts to coordinate their controversial behavior. Torvalds, who has earned the reputation of being rude and aggressive to other members of the community, said he wanted to mention his "flippant" behavior at the time and his propensity for personal attacks. "I need to change some of my actions, I want to apologize to people," said Torvalds, who wrote that personal behavior may be hurt and away from kernel development.

Interim Linux senior Greg Kroah-Hartman, who appointed Torvalds to oversee the development of the kernel about a month later, told Torvalds that he was "handing over the kernel tree" in a release note of version 4.19. Kroah-Hartman wrote, "In the past few months it has been a tough job for our community, because it is a community that is fighting the community, so we are stimulating others outside," wrote Kroah-Hartman. "So here is my request to everyone: let's rest for a day or two, relax, eat with friends, relax and recharge, work again, and continue to create a system that never saw what the world likes." [19659003] Torvalds withdrew from the Linux community.

Torvalds has not released his statement yet ZDNet says that Kroah-Hartman is currently an open source project at the Scottish Open-Source summit conference in Europe. Linux is an open source project at Linux conference, but Torvalds is a Linux Kernel Mailing List and Kroah-Hartman is funded by the nonprofit Linux Foundation to maintain kernel development and manage contributor communities.

Torvalds returned to the Linux community, and the Linux Foundation officially enforced a revised Code of Conduct that agreed with the principles of the widely adopted and comprehensive Contributor Code created by Coraline Ada Ehmke. Torvalds published a new code of conduct in his early notes. The move has sparked controversy over the apparent departure from previous "code of conflicts", which treats the filter feedback and tantrums as natural in the Linux community. Successful state of open source software development.

The new Code of Conduct requires contributors to constructively convey criticism, take cautious responses to such criticism, require people to use a comprehensive language and respect community members' "diverse perspectives and experiences". Korah-Hartman described the process of thinking about the background of driving a more comprehensive code of conduct in the presentation of 4.19.

"We must remember that sexual language or images, banned opinions, personal or political attacks," public or private bullying "] and every year new people enter the community to meet their goals or meet their needs.

And as they enter our community, thousands of us have already been doing it. We have been doing it for a long time. If you do not have that experience, they have to make mistakes and clutter and know how to do all of this. Learning how things work is about dealing with people's interactions, Understand norms and goals By providing documentation in the kernel source tree that shows everyone, developers, and administrators working together and dealing with respect and dignity, we can create a community that welcomes very exciting people.

Given that Torvalds has only disappeared for about a month, it's not clear that the Linux development status will be more acceptable and positive, but the new Code of Conduct and Torvalds Seems to be undergoing a productive first step to improve the culture of the Linux community as a result of his oath of checking his actions and improving his behavior.

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