LinkedIn fixed a flaw that let someone post a job opening for Google's CEO position

LinkedIn has closed a legal vacuum that allowed almost anyone to publish a list of jobs on the company's pages without any authorization.

Holland-based recruiter Michel Rijnders discovered the problem and published his findings on the professional social network owned by Microsoft. [19659003] The potentially serious flaw allowed users to post an unofficial job posting on almost any company's LinkedIn business page. These listings not only appear on the company's "Jobs" page, but also on Google, which collects job listing information from different recruitment websites.

Typically, job creation requires a premium subscription, but Rijnders said it happened to Create job offers for an Executive Director for Google and LinkedIn at no cost.

“When I create a job for a company, no questions are asked. He recommends receiving applications through LinkedIn, but I can also set up an external url to which applicants are redirected for their work, "Rijnders wrote.

Posting fraudulent work without knowledge of a company is a violation of its terms and service. In addition to deceiving a candidate for When you apply for positions that don't exist, bad actors can abuse you to redirect job seekers to an external website that can collect your confidential information.

After Rijnders made the post, the head of LinkedIn Trust and security, Paul Rockwell, said in a comment that the company has removed the publication and that they are working to solve the problem that published their job listings.

In a statement to Adweek, LinkedIn later said it had fixed what appears to be an error that accidentally triggered as part of a test that made it possible for small businesses to publish some work for free:

This problem was caused by a error in our online work experience that allowed members to edit the company after a job had already been published. The problem has already been resolved. Fraudulent job postings are a clear violation of our terms of service. When they get our attention, we move quickly to knock them down. While we allow companies to publish on behalf of other companies (as in the case of recruitment companies), this is only allowed with the knowledge of both parties.

Regarding free job offers, historically we have not had free job offers. as part of the LinkedIn experience. However, we are conducting a test that allows small and medium businesses to publish a limited number of jobs for free. This member was part of that test.

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