Lime removes some Segway Ninebot scooters from fleet amid concerns of battery fires

Lime, a company that shares electric scooters, took out the Segway Ninebot scooter in many fleets after finding out that a manufacturing defect could cause the battery to "turn red" or "fire in some cases".

I first came to know this problem in August. Working independently of the Segway, Lime created software that identifies the scooter with these batteries and disabled it once identified. A representative of Lime, who met with the Washington Post said that about 2,000 scooters were recalled from Los Angeles, San Diego and Lake Tahoe to be very careful.

Washington Post notes that the fire department was on fire when a scooter hit Lake Tahoe in August. According to the fire department report, an employee went to investigate "noisy" and found flames in the battery area of ​​the scooter as well as adjacent chairs.

The company also reports that the battery risk of the new Segway Ninebot scooter model is identical to the new unidentified state. The investigation is in progress.

As a result of the discovery, Lime applied the following changes: All Segway Ninbo Boat Scooters must charge a fee at the Lyme facility and Juicers can not charge (Freemons paying Lyme programs charge Scooter) Battery Until the problem is solved; Lime has staffed every charging facility with people specially trained to handle the battery.

Washington Post said Lime employees are concerned about scooters ahead of the company's public statement. The internal slack message posted on Lime's "Mechanics" channel says, "I think scoots or the entire product should be removed until it is handled and handled securely in the market. I am scoots consumable and replaceable, Are you resigning now to say the same thing? "

Lime mentions that the Okai scooter has rough cuts on the cradle, which is not related to the baseboard. stress.

Other scooter rental companies use Segway Ninebot scooters including Bird. Bird spokesperson gave the following statement to The Verge . "After reading the Washington Post news article on Lime's retrospective, we contacted the Segway Ninebot to confirm that all scooters purchased by Bird were free to manufacture. Defects found in Lime's early model scooters. I think that Bird does not affect vehicles purchased from Segway Ninebot. The most important thing for Bird is the safety of everyone who interacts with the driver, charger, mechanic and vehicle. "

The Verge spoke with Segway.

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