Lilac Cookie Toppings Build –

The Lilac Cookie Topping Build provides the best toppings for lilac cookies. Read about building lilac cookies for toppings!

Lilac cookie topping build

Lilac Cookie Topping Build⇓

Build lilac cookies for toppings;

  • X5 Swift chocolate to reduce CD (recommended) or
  • X5 Solid Almond for DMG Resist

The best topping build set for Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is X5 Swift Chocolate, which reduces Lilac Cookie’s skill cooldown so you can use your skills faster. The skill’s ATK DMG is increased. Another alternative is the X5 Solid Almond, which increases the DMG resistance of Lilac. We recommend using the CD build, X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings.

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Lilac Cookie Topping Build: Skill Info⇓

  • Lilac Cookies throw chakrams in several rounds over a period of time. Allies will be impressed by the graceful movement, and the normal attack DMG will increase in proportion to the ATK SPD increase rate.
  • X13 second base CD
  • Single hit damage: 105.0% (+1.45% damage per level)
  • Normal attack damage increase: Cookie’s attack power increases by 0.4% for every 1.0% attack SPD increase rate

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Lilac Cookie Topping Story⇓

Lilac petals are known to be one of the key ingredients in a love potion. These finely chopped petals are sprinkled on the dough and baked in the scorching desert sun. Lilac Cookie steps behind the veil of darkness and emerges with a gust of wind, just before the innocent foes take their last breath. Attracting targets with an irresistible scent, Lilac Cookie quickly ends the target with his razor-blade chakram, leaving no footsteps or sounds. The only thing that remains of his existence is a few purple petals on the ground and…

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