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Life is a Game is the best way to experience the whole journey from birth to death in game form! Life is a Game from the learning date to the actual date and see if life is fun or miserable. This life game offers different mini games for each stage of life.

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You can play Life is a Game for free, but wrong decisions can cause in-game survival costs! Enjoy a variety of fun mini-games with thousands of Life is a Game players!

Life is a Game guide

This Life is a Game guide guides you everything from basic to advance.

Foundation: You may not realize it but real life is a strategy game. There are fun mini games like dancing, driving, running, and sex, but the key to winning is simply managing your resources. Most importantly, successful players spend their time doing the right thing. Later, game money will appear, but over time you should always prioritize.

Childhood: Life begins when you are assigned to random characters and situations:

Choose your nature: The first 15 years of your life are just a tutorial mission. There is no way to skip this.

Young adult stage: Young players have a lot of time and energy, but they have little experience. Most things like the best jobs, possessions and partners are locked until you get them. Now you can improve your skills quickly.

You will never have much time and energy again. Now that you have played properly, your first priority is to allocate time as much as possible. Everything you do affects your condition and skills:

Beverage vs cord: This may sound simple, but the problem is that you don’t always know what task to choose and the body doesn’t always obey the command. Let’s break it down.

How to obey your command: Many players find that when they say “go to the gym” their bodies completely ignore them. This is not a bug. Everyone can see the status but not directly, but it looks like this:

This is your condition: If the condition becomes too low in one area, the body does not follow his instructions until the need is met. Study when you are tired and hungry and watch your concentration turn to Twitter.

Your willpower level is especially important. Willpower fades throughout the day, slightly supplemented by eating, and completely replenished with a good night’s sleep. When your willpower is low, you can only do what you really want.

Every decision that you have to pay for is less willing and a lot of willingness is needed to deter an attractive option for less attractive choices (for example, exercise instead of watching TV).

There are various tricks to keep the behavior consistent: Keep your status high. If you are hungry, tired, or completely deprived, your willpower is broken. Take good care of yourself consistently. Do not demand too much willpower in a day. Distribute the most demanding tasks over a few days and mix them with less demanding tasks.

Try the most important tasks first. This makes other tasks more difficult, but the top-level task is more likely. By reducing your choices, you reduce the need to use your willpower. If you want to work on a computer with access to Facebook, you will need more willpower because you are constantly choosing difficult tasks than easy ones. Eliminate such interference.

The key to gameplay is to balance your competitive priorities with your physical condition. Do not put yourself in the autopilot.

Choose the right job: Choosing the right task at the right time is most of the game. Some operations mainly affect the state, for example:

  • Eating improves statistics

Other things mostly affect your skills:

Improve statistics with locking: To increase your willpower, you need to invest time in maintaining a healthy state, such as food and sleep. And take what’s left and develop your skills. Some skills are worth more than others. A good one can open the entire path like a tech tree.

  • Technology
  • Others are dead ends.
  • Dead technology

The combination of techniques works best. It is very difficult to make one technology the best. In reality it is impossible. But it’s much easier to use a lot of related technologies that correspond to something bigger, for example:

  • Recipe for Entrepreneurs
  • Recipe for ladies magnet

How did psychology become rich and attractive? You need to study it

Where you live: The environment continues to influence statistics, skills, and level-up opportunities. You can play the game almost everywhere, but it’s much easier in certain areas. For example, if you are a woman and you are in the wrong country, you will not be able to achieve many achievements.

The probability of a person born in the optimal position is almost zero, so study the options and consider moving early. Position is a multiplier for all skills and status.

Find a partner: Attraction is a complex mini-game in itself, but it is a byproduct of the way you already play it. If you have excellent condition and high technology, it is already much more attractive. Tired, irritable and inexperienced players have no appeal and should not look for a relationship.

Marriage: It may be common for other players to refuse and reject early in the game. This is normal, but unfortunately most players don’t handle rejection or rejection very well, so they can clear the state. To continue, you will have to spend your willpower, and give it time, as it will be replenished by sleep.

80% of finding someone results in the most attractive self as in life. It’s rich in exercise, social, nutrients, and automatically spreads your charm as your career grows. The remaining 20% ​​is simply putting yourself where you can meet the right people.

Money: You need to manage a new resource called ‘money’ later in the game. Most players increase their money early in the game, but in reality there are more problems. The most important rule of money is to never borrow money, except to make more money.

For example, education or mortgage may be worth it (though not necessarily depending on education or mortgage). Not borrowing to buy new shoes.

Depending on your financial ambitions, there are a few strategies to keep in mind:

There is no fuss about money. Low stress strategy: simply live by your own means and save a bit for a rainy day. Make the most of every time you save. Otherwise you will regret it. Get along well and carefully choose your career and environment and be prepared to move often.

You have to invest a lot in matching skills, which takes time and you should be careful unless you avoid careful abuse. Mega Ricci. Start your own business. It is almost impossible to work richly for others. Wealth comes not from working alone, but from owning an asset that pays more than the cost.

The company is a powerful asset that can be created from scratch. Organizing your winnings with more assets may eventually eliminate the need for work.

Life after: The options change as the game progresses. Marriage and children will save time and energy and introduce more random elements into the game (“Emergency diaper change!”). This makes it difficult to develop yourself quickly.

Older characters generally have more skills, resources and experience, and unlock quests that were previously impossible such as “owning a house” or “writing a good novel”.

Unlock Achievements: Every player dies after about 29,000 days or 80 years. Good stats and skills can last a little longer. There is no cheat code to extend this. When starting the game, I couldn’t control myself or the environment. It will come back at the end of the game.

The decisions of the past determine where you are headed, and much less can be done about whether they are happy, healthy and fulfilled in the last days. That’s why strategy matters. When most people figured out life, we used too many of the best parts.

Final words about Life is a Game guide

So hopefully this Life is a Game guide made you able to play this game like a pro player.

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