Lenovo’s PC business marks eight straight quarters of growth

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Despite the industry's tendency to slow down PC sales in recent years, Lenovo publishes its eighth consecutive quarter of revenue growth since its personal computers division has become responsible for much of the large sales

In a letter For investors, Lenovo announced that for its quarter FY19 / 20, the company reached $ 12.5 billion in revenue with a pre-tax income that more than doubled over the previous year, totaling $ 240 million and $ 162 million in net income. With duplicate returns for the year, investors should see an increase in earnings per share of $ 1.37.

“This fiscal year began with an excellent start. Once again, the solid results of this quarter provided solid evidence that Lenovo's Smart Transformation is allowing the company to drive sustainable and profitable growth in today's dynamic and changing world. Our persistent execution and our operational efficiency allow us to bring our vision to life and offer smarter technology for everyone, "said Yang Yuanqing, president and CEO of Lenovo.

As mentioned earlier, Lenovo's growth seems to be largely driven for the efforts of the company in PC, which the company takes note in the letter of its investor.

In PCs, the volume surpassed the market, which as a whole is experiencing a recovery, in more than 13 points, and The group reached a record PC market share of 24.9%. This means that one in four PCs built in the world is a Lenovo PC, consolidating Lenovo's position as the world number one in PC.

Lenovo is also slowly venturing into both its Mobile Business Group (MBG) and the Intelligent Devices Group, seeing pre-tax revenue growth of $ 100 million and $ 524 million respectively. It seems that Lenovo has given up on smartphones in the United States, the company also notes that the MBG division "will continue to maintain profitability and seek opportunities to drive profitable growth in new markets and new innovative products." [19659002] Perhaps, in preparation for the impending trade wars that the US UU. They have entered into several countries, Lenovo also reserved the call of its investors with a warning of an increase in prices on PCs, smartphones and several IoT devices, which resulted in negative effects for investors. It was not clarified, but presumably an increase in prices will undoubtedly slow the current growth of the company.

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