Leica’s new M10-D is a digital camera with an analog soul

Leica today announces a new variant of the M10, the new M10-D. The M10-D is similar to the M10-P released this summer. Equipped with flat black finish, quiet shutter and 24 megapixel full frame sensor. However, the M10-P, originally added to the M10's LCD with touch control since 2017, can not completely remove the screen to review pictures or change certain settings of the camera itself.

You should use the new Leica Fotos app on your Android phone or iPhone with the Wi-Fi connectivity of the M10-D and review photos and change things like white balance, JPEG quality, and more. You can download it to your phone and use it to remotely trigger your Leica camera via the Fotos app, where you can edit and share your photos.

Use the round dial instead of the LCD display to adjust the exposure compensation and use the ring to turn on the camera and enable Wi-Fi connection. At the top of the camera behind the shutter release button, a lever for shooting the shutter and shooting the film is shown. Since the M10-D is a digital camera and there is no film to go through, the lever will actually do nothing because it uses battery power to cock the shutter. Instead, Leica tries to use the thumb holder as an alternative to the optional grip grip that many owners slip into the hot shoe of the camera. The final differentiation of the M10-D is a genuine leather wrap wrap around most cameras. Previous models used polyurethane wrap like leather.


With all these changes, the M10-D looks like a modern digital camera and looks much like a film camera from decades ago. It still has a dial to adjust the shutter speed and ISO with some customizable buttons, and the lens has an aperture and focus ring. But in fact, you face a very skilled eye to discover that the M10-D actually records digital images and does not actually expose the film strip.

Leica is designed to give this camera the convenience of digital photography. A "chimp" that is commonly referred to among photographers, or the constant distractions of onscreen menus and images. It is not the first time that Leica has released a digital camera without a screen, and the previous generation M camera was also released as a D model with a flat back plate instead of an LCD. However, the M10-D is the first product with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so you can actually review your photos on the go, even from far away from your computer. You just have to use your phone to do that.


I took a few days with M10-D and personally, I do not want to give. It gives you the convenience of quickly seeing your shots while you're out. M Series cameras are already difficult to shoot if you are already familiar with modern autofocus and auto exposure, and you'll have to practice for years to get the job done. Without the ability to quickly inspect the work behind the camera, I found that I missed a lot more shots than nailed. My kids, who have spent their lifetime with digital cameras imprinted in their faces, were often disappointed that they could not immediately see the pictures I took.

Of course, using Leicas for a long time filming makes the M10-D look like a home in your hand and works just like a previous film camera. If you use a thumb grip, you may think there is a film roll that needs to be wrapped forward between each shot.


The new Fotos app, which works with all Leica cameras with Wi-Fi, Images to your phone quickly. However, it takes time to connect the app to the camera. It's not something you can do easily between each shot you take. If you turn on the camera's Wi-Fi option while recording and leave your phone connected, the camera's battery will drain quickly. Leica said she hopes to use the app sporadically every time she finishes her shoot and reviews her whole day.

If you act like a film camera with a digital camera, you can buy the Leica M10-D for $ 7,995. Starting today, the Fotos app will also be available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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