Learning Python: Best free books, tutorials and videos

There are a lot of free resources, including books, sites, videos and even courses.

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According to a new report, JavaScript is no longer the king of the code. Nick Heath, from TechRepublic, explains which programming languages ​​are popular and which languages ​​are fading.

If you want to learn a programming language, you could do much worse than Python.

Versatile language is not only extensively used

Question and answer programming A declared stack overflow center Python was the fastest growing programming language, based on the strong increase in interest in Python

] But where to start if you want to learn Python? Fortunately, there are a lot of free resources, including books, sites, videos and even courses.

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Think Python: this book uses everyday English to divide the basics of language into easily digestible fragments.

A Byte of Python – This clear guide makes learning the basics of Python a breeze.

Automate boring things with Python – Easy to read, this beginner's guide eliminates the pain of learning a new language.

Invent with Python – It guides you through the construction of several applications with Python, assuming you have no knowledge. Although the design could be better, the content seems good.

Python Practice Book – Another concise guide to the basics of Python with many code examples.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python – Once you are familiar with the basics, this book will guide you through the most advanced concepts and the theoretical foundations of language.

The Python Hitchhiker's Guide: suitable for new and experienced Python developers, this book will guide you through the configuration. The language in a computer, the fundamentals and libraries and popular software tools.

Django's book: aimed at those with basic knowledge of Python, this book will teach you everything you need to know about the Django web framework, and has recently been updated to a second edition.

A Python book: Python Principles, Advanced Python and Python Exercises: This general description of Python, with examples, could be useful as a reference book. 19659005] Programming in Python: a Wikibook that provides a summary of the language.

Tutorial for Python without a programmer. Another Wikibook that guides you through the basics of language along with sample programs.

Python Tour: Aimed at existing developers who are not familiar with Python and who want to use the language for data science and scientific programming, this book and the code examples cover the basics of Python.

Courses / tutorials

Interactive LearnPython.org Tutorials – A series of simple tutorials to provide a smooth introduction to the language.

Python Tutorial – The official introduction to the language offers more detailed tutorials from a wider range. of the fundamentals of Python.

Introduction to Computing and Programming using Python – This series of MIT lectures offered by edX is designed to facilitate the task of those who are not familiar with programming.

Learn x in and minutes: If you want to learn by example, this could be what you are looking for. Packed with code, Learn x in y minutes demonstrates the real Python code for everything from common mathematical operations to dictionary manipulation.

Introduction to computer science: this free introductory course of Udacity teaches you how to build a website. Applications.

Google Python Class: free Google class aimed at people with little programming experience.

Pygame official tutorials: creating games is a fun way to learn, as demonstrated by these tutorials for the pygame software library.

Codeacademy – Several free lessons that teach the basics of Python through interactive questions, with optional paid extras.

Solo Learn Python 3 Tutorial: Aimed at beginners, it allows you to work through a series of practice, test and test questions. [19659005] Python code challenges: once you have the fundamentals of Python to your credit, you may be interested in a more robust challenge, such as these exercises in which you work. H: from creating a URL shortener to creating a pomodoro timer.

Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3: For those who want to use their Python skills to specialize in the growing field of machine learning, see the well-liked of fast.ai Practical Course of Deep Learning for v3 encoders, aimed at those who have been coding in Python for at least a year.

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Learn Python in a video: the title may be a bit optimistic, but YouTuber Derek Banas takes his time to Explain the concepts clearly as you walk through a range of simple programs.

Python Tutorials in thenewboston – YouTube Series accessible and easy to understand

Python Intermediate Programming – YouTuber sentdex tells you how to do more with Python.

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Stack overflow – As with all languages, the question and answer site from a multitude of sources provides a lot of answers and code examples for Python.

Program. com – Learn Python Programming – An easy-to-digest guide on how to start using Python, with many code examples.

Instant Python – A simple introduction to Python.

Learn Python in 10 minutes – Not really, but it will give you a tour of the language with code examples.

Python tutorials: this guide guides you through the basic concepts of the language, as well as demonstrating some of its uses.

Complete Python: this curated list of guides and tutorials aims to answer any web development questions related to Python that you may have.

Python in TutorialsPoint: clear description of the language with code examples and diagrams.

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