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Learning Chinese – HelloChinese is a fun, effective and attractive app for beginners to learn Chinese Mandarin. Learn Chinese – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod] Download the latest version of APK for Android for free. Learn All Chinese APK Download – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod].

Outline and features of Chinese learning – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod]

Learn Chinese – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod] APK, can download. Brief overview and feature list

Abstract: Learning Chinese – HelloChinese is a fun, effective and interesting program for beginners to learn Chinese.

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Using an effective methodology, HelloChinese helps beginners learn Chinese Mandarin quickly at conversational levels. Exclusive Chinese speech recognition and text writing techniques are also applied to make learning Chinese Chinese easier and more enjoyable. HelloChinese allows you to learn Pinyin, Pronunciation, Stroke Sequence, Vocabulary, and Grammar in an interactive fashion.
Just download "Chinese Chinese – HelloChinese", learn Chinese, and speak Chinese Mandarin anytime, anywhere!
Note: The main course is completely free forever. In addition to a free learning experience that gives you access to fantastic games, this app also offers an OPTIONAL premium paid subscription.
◉ Game based Chinese Mandarin learning: never boring.
◉ Well-formed Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) course for beginners
◉ You can correct pronunciation by voice recognition and communicate in Chinese.
◉ Handwriting specially designed to speed up learning Chinese characters.
◉ Personalized daily training games adapt to your unique performances and speak fluently much faster.
◉ Systematic lessons based on HSK level
◉ One-size-sized curriculum to enhance Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
◉ Simplified and Traditional Chinese are all supported.
◉ Native speakers provide standard Chinese Mandarin audio strictly.
◉ Displays Chinese as Pinyin or Text as desired.
◉ Offline learning: You do not need to connect to the Internet after downloading the course.
◉ Learn progress tracking on multiple devices.
Methodology of "Learning Chinese – HelloChinese":
People who learn Chinese often face problems that interfere with language acquisition. HelloChinese has been created in various aspects to help beginners learn Chinese Mandarin quickly.
▶ Learning Chinese is too difficult. Try HelloChinese! The curriculum was designed with the learning curve in mind. Simply follow them to master Chinese quickly.
▶ I lose motivation very easily. Our apps offer Mandarin GAME-based lessons to help you learn Mandarin. Each lesson takes only 10 minutes to complete and fascinates you with interactive and diverse question models. You can learn Chinese Mandarin anytime, anywhere, and you do not have to be bored.
▶ I can not improve my speaking ability without my teacher. you can do it! This is the most interesting part of the application! It is easy and fun to learn Chinese by correcting pronunciation with accurate speech recognition!
▶ Kanji is too difficult to learn. Our application uses advanced Chinese handwriting technology to allow you to write letters using your fingers. It also provides an interesting description of radicals and components for every character that enhances the character's learning abilities.
There is no impediment to learning Chinese Mandarin using these tools. Start today on a fluent path!
New features:
◉ Bug fixes and performance enhancements
Language: en, de, es, fr, ja, ko, pt, ru, th, vi
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Learn Chinese – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod] APK Free Download

So Do you want to download it? Well, click the button below to get started. Learn Chinese – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod] APK. This is a direct link in Chinese Learning – HelloChinese v4.8.0 [Premium Mod].

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