Leaked transcript reveals GitHub CEO’s concerns about canceling ICE contract

Tensions continue to grow through immigration and customs enforcement and GitHub contracts as staff activists are forced to break relationships with companies and institutions.

At a waiting room meeting yesterday, executives answered questions from employees about a controversial agreement. CEO Nat Friedman was asked by employees and attempted to explain why the company will renew its $ 200,000 contract with Immigration. The Verge obtained a conversation from the conversation.

“This is not an important topic because we found that this issue of immigration policy was so arrogant, aggressive, terrible, cruel, evil, and meaningful. According to that, Friedman said. “I feel so personally. I know that many other Hubers also share that idea. "

At this meeting, employees pressured management on how the company would work with non-democratic countries, including non-democratic countries. Friedman noted that open source software is available in countries such as Iran, although there is no definite answer. 19659006] “China is another non-democratic country, and I think we will have to evolve. Friedman said to our employees,“ We ​​had last night sanctions against Chinese AI companies in relation to facial recognition. So we're not the only institutions that want to guarantee human rights in all these countries. ”

He expects the company's approach to“ over the internet ”to be more accessible to GitHub. Even in a team that does work, even all developers in countries that are not democratic. ”[19659008] was also obtained by Motherboard Motherboard . 19659009] "We have many competitors who are also doing business with the federal government."

Friedman also said that the contract was suspended at the meeting. "I don't think the extraction of technology from government agencies will affect the policy," Friedman said. "I don't think immigrants or those affected by the policy can actually There is no positive impact of [revoking service] on. ”

“ These people have a choice too. ”“ We have many competitors doing business with the federal government and there are open source alternatives out there. "

GitHub's management made it clear that the decision to maintain the ICE contract was made after a broad range of discussions with Microsoft's top management, specifically CE Consultation with O Satya Nadella, President Brad Smith and Cloud VP Scott Guthrie, but Friedman refused to pressure GitHub to maintain the contract, but instead said it was important for the two leadership teams to adjust the contract policy.

"Friedman told his employees," This is an area that I prefer to be more in sync with Microsoft. "

Read More Here: https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/10/20908713/github-ceo-china-transcript-leak-microsoft

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