League of Legends dev Riot Games is officially under investigation for alleged gender discrimination

The famous League of Legends Game developers have faced allegations and lawsuits against the toxic workplace culture, and when the company tried to mediate two women, it was a mass rumor. Spending the day in court. However, the State of California is quietly scrutinizing game developers quietly, and Riot has been unable to play with the ball.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Kotaku .) Because Riot attempted to legitimately force him to prosecute employee salary data, Riot voluntarily Because you refused to provide, you can see if Riot pays women more than men.

Of course we have no idea that the riot has been officially under investigation so far. In the general election, the agency said, "We are investigating unequal wages, sexual harassment, sexual violence, retaliation and sex discrimination in election and promotional activities."

"DFEH has extensive powers to investigate the possibility of violating the California Civil Rights Act," reads a section of the bill from the jury procedure, "DFEH Leader Kevin Kish. "If the company does not voluntarily cooperate with the investigation, including investigations, the DFEH exercises its right to ask for court assistance so that our investigation can be completed by the relevant evidence and completed without undue delay. "

" Dialogue with the DFEH has been ongoing since the investigation began, and such investigations can occur when there is suspicion of workplace imbalance and we are working to resolve the issue in consultation with DFEH. " In his statement, Riot's representative explained to The Verge : "During this time, we responded quickly to DFEH's request and have produced more than 2,500 pages of documents and thousands of lines of paid data, and there are many things that DFEH is asking us to join the phone call We have recently made a request and we are disappointed to see a press release that we claim is uncooperative on the DFEH issue because we have not received an answer to this request so far and we are confident of substantial progress in diversity, "

At the end of May, following the excommunication of Riot Games, the organizing committee The Verge continued to report this issue in the company in different ways, including internal petitions. There was.

10:10 pm Eastern Time Update: Added the statement of Riot Games.

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