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In some ways, like antivirus, Microsoft has a great advantage in making Windows 10 a reliable system. not really. Because the Windows 10 update may cause constant problems for many users, we have decided to update the feeds on the latest Windows 10 update issue on a regular basis. What is the problem, and what can Microsoft do to solve the problem?

At the time of writing, Microsoft is developing features to mitigate the pain caused by the wrong update. The preview build now has an option to postpone Windows updates up to 35 days. Microsoft announced that this update will be coming soon. Broken Windows 10 Update

Good idea, but imagine this update itself broken. Do I have to find a way to rollback a rollback-capable update? Yes, it is ironic, but I'm not surprised at the current state of Microsoft.

May be updated in older Intel drivers (19659004) [5] In May 2019, you can change your Windows search on Windows 10, add the Start menu, add a light theme, and switch Microsoft Edge to a Chromium-based browser. However, there was a problem reporting that many users on older devices were not installed during the next message.

" Inbox store driver iastora.sys does not work on these systems and stability is compromised Windows "


Incompatible drivers are Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver – To resolve this issue, you must update your driver to version or later. You can download the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver

Black screen – KB4503327 Security update

  Windows 10 update Problem Screen lock lock

Windows screen may be affected by a black screen bug caused by a minor security upgrade that is part of the May 10, 2019 update (v1903), June 2019 cumulative update

After applying the KB4503327 security upgrade, Windows 10 versions 1809 and 1803 will display a black screen

If you are experiencing this problem, we recommend that you use the following workaround while the appropriate fix is ​​working:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  • Click the Power button on the bottom right and then click "Restart."

[FIXED] Windows 10 May 2019 update (v1903)

Known Issues : Display brightness does not work, camera app does not work, Wi-Fi cut, sound not working on Dolby Atmos headphones, AMD RAID driver issue, Night Light setup does not work, user profile Duplicate files in directory

The latest version of the Windows 10 May 2019 update includes an improved Start menu, a new lighting theme, and a new Chromium-based new And there are new features

However, some of the issues listed above, including improved Microsoft Edge. This update is also a major update and Microsoft has removed many of the features of Windows 10, such as the Print 3D application replaced by 3D Builder and Windows To Go, which Microsoft will no longer support.

In addition to the functionality that Microsoft has purposely removed, all of the above issues have been fixed with the KB4505057 patch, so if you have not already done so, you should install them immediately.


The May 2019 update for Windows 10 is coming soon.

[FIXED] May 2019 update (updated from 1803-1809)

  Windows 10 update issue May 2019 But the problem is that it will not reach everyone on time. The affected user is the person who inserted the USB storage and SD card into the computer. For this reason, using linked items may result in "improper drive reallocation" during the update installation.

At this point, the message "Can not upgrade this PC to Windows 10" appears when you update while a USB storage or SD card is connected in May 2019.

Fortunately, the solution is not the solution here. Wait until the appropriate update is available. If you remove the offending external storage and reboot your PC, the update will work again.

Most users will need to update by the end of May.

Preventing Windows 10 Update Crashes

Windows 10 Build Verification

Before rolling back and repairing a corrupted Windows 10 update, you must determine which Windows build is currently affected and which issues are affecting it. To do this, go to "Settings -> Updates and security -> View update history".

To see the version of Windows that you are currently using in a new window, click the arrow next to "Feature Updates."


And Delays

The first thing you can do to avoid update issues and other issues above is to take control over when Windows 10 is updated. This allows you to suspend the update each time Microsoft rolls out, monitor the news to see if a major error has occurred, and then manually update it manually.

Windows Insider recently confirmed that there is an update. Windows 10 (around April 2019) that allows all Windows users (including regular users) to pause updates for up to 7 days If you are using Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Education, or S during that time, > You can postpone the update by going to Windows Update. From here, select & # 39; Select update install time & # 39; and choose a delay time.

There is another way to control Windows 10 updates. How to roll back a home or professional version of Windows

How to roll back a Windows 10 update

When all major updates are over, a 10-day window is provided for rolling back to Windows 10. It is a useful feature and should give you enough time to determine whether it is a problematic update. Of course, even if Windows 10 deletes the file, it will not recover the file, but at least it will use a more stable OS version.

latest windows 10 update problems and how to fix them make tech easier 10 days after Windows 10 build update.


As you can see on PCs, there are fewer frustrations than updates on the surface to improve performance, but unfortunately, Microsoft is formal in this respect. The vast majority of users are working on this update without any problems, but most of them are not enough if only a few results can be so serious.

This post was last updated in July 2010.

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