Last Battle: Fukushimon

Last Battle: The Fukushimon mobile game for Android and iOS represents the first video game inspired by the recent nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011. It is a Hyper-Casual title developed by Dawn Dice, designed to entertain people but also to raise awareness about the disaster and that terrible moment in history, which happened just over 8 years ago. The game presents the devastating consequences left by the event, as well as an immersive story and a unique game mechanic.

LAST BATTLE Fukushimon Gameplay

The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. After Chernobyl, this is the second most serious nuclear accident in history and received a Level 7 event classification on the International Nuclear Event Scale. It began on March 11, 2011, with the Tōhoku earthquake and a tsunami. The reactors active in the plant turn off automatically when an earthquake is detected. However, after the electricity failed, the diesel generators began to run and fed the pumps, which began a chain reaction of mishaps. 46 minutes later, a 14-meter high tsunami arrived and flooded the lower levels of the plant, which only disabled safety and security measures, and then three nuclear landslides and three hydrogen explosions occurred, with a release of pollution radioactive in air [19659003EljuegomóvilTheLastBattleesentretenidoperotambiéntratadecrearconcienciasobrelacontaminaciónambientalylainvestigaciónnuclearSuhistoriaestáestrechamentevinculadaalajugabilidadsegúnelcomunicadodeprensaUnejemplodeestoesquedentrodeljuegolosjugadoresseránatacadosporfrutasradiactivasmutadasquetienenojosysellaman"Fukushimon"ElviajegeneraldelahistoriaessalvaralmundodeunataquenuclearEljuegoesgratuitoyestádisponibletantoen Google Play and iTunes App Store .

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