L.A Noire Game Review PS3

L.A Noire Game is currently one of the most anticipated game titles in 2011. Before starting the review, Tim Bondi and Rockstar would like to say that L.A Noire has integrated all the elements necessary to become “Game of the Year” of the year. Since the announcement of L.A Noire a few years ago, fans have received tremendous attention and are finally able to use the game.

L.A Noire offers gamers massive gameplay and a long-lived deep storytelling experience. Check out Rockstar and Team Bondi’s L.A Noire to make it one of the “Game of Year” awards this year. L.A Noire is for all gamers looking for a rich and heavy game in Story. L.A Noire has 21 main examples that gamers need to solve. I guess all of these cases have a very deep story.

L.A Noire Game Review for PS3

L.A Noire’s main story is centered around the Los Angeles Police Department “Cole Phelps”. From start to finish, gamers can learn more about Phelps’ life before joining the LA Police Department and knowing what life was like to him during the war. Phelps provides free work to investigate, arrest the offender, remove it if necessary, and make the city of Los Angeles a criminal.

Mixture of rainfall

In simple terms, L.A Noire can be described as a mixture of Heavy Rain and GTA. Heavy Rain helped L.A Noire gamers find clues to Origami Killer. Many gamers will do a lot of research and decision making. It is the gamer’s decision to make L.A Noire fun. In many cases, gamers only find clues and initiate investigations at the crime scene. That is, it starts the investigation (that is, it helps to question and investigate).

All response gamers are affected by the outcome from the suspect. To help ease the workload and make it easier, Phelp notes the information and clues gathered at the crime scene and prepares the notebook so that gamers can take advantage of clues for information and analysis. Question. Now go to L.A Noire game, the second nearest reference of the GTA.

L.A Noire, a player who loves to kill an enthusiast fan and drive an open world in a sandbox game, has everything. In addition to detective work, gamers will explore every corner of Los Angeles on Phelp’s car. Players can interact with LA citizens. L.A Noire gameplay is very much the same as the GTA, especially the fight scene.

Very long game

If you are looking for a game that can be played for a long time, it takes about 15 hours to bring L.A Noire and complete the main story. The Bondi team adds a 40-part mission to keep the fun memories.

Voice acting of L.A Noire Game

How many games did you see in your life, the perfect voice acting? Your answer might be “not many”, but Team Bondi worked very well with LA Noire’s voice acting. In simple terms, LA Noire is the perfect “voice acting”. Many game voice delays have very poor synchronization and can be seen in the lips movement associated with the conversation. But Team Bondi did a great job to solve this. All the words and conversations provided by the various characters in the game show the precision of lip sync. When I watched most of the game sequences, I felt as though I was watching a movie.

Small graphics and fixed issues

L.A Noire’s Playstation 3 version is perfect, but the Xbox 360 version of the game is struggling with graphics problems where the screen tears or stops for a few seconds. The Xbox 360 also has a slower frame rate. If you plan to purchase an Xbox 360 version of the game, we recommend that you install the disc in the HDD.

After looking at all the details about L.A Noire, what I mean is that there must be a game title for each of them. At L.A Noire, Team Bondi and Rockstar believe that gamers have integrated everything they want in Heavy Rain and the GTA and have done an excellent job. L.A Noire game is one of the “Game of the Year” awards this year.

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