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Kokotime is a simple and elegant Android media center that allows you to upload media from media servers provided by the community and connect to the media world through add-ons that allow you to explore different types of content, such as movies and TV sample. v2.2.25 [Premium] APK Free Download Latest Android version. Download the full APK of KokoTime v2.2.25 [Premium].

KokoTime v2.2.25 Overview and features [Premium]

KokoTime v2.2.25 [Premium] You can read the brief overview and list of features below before downloading the APK. [Generaldescription:KokotimeissimpleandelegantlydesignedAndroidmediacenterthatallowsyoutoloadmediafromthemediaserversavailableinourcommunityandconnectwithmediamediathroughanadd-onthatletsyouexploredifferenttypesofcontentsuchasmovieTVshows

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Kokotime Simple, free and elegantly designed Media With the center, you can view all your favorite multimedia content in a unique and elegant and easy-to-use design. With unique features like Universal Cast and side drawers for video players, Kokotime offers a unique multimedia experience. Kokotime also has a Chromecast remote control, so applications can stream content to Chromecast.
You can also browse files using the application's file manager, and Kokotime indexes and organizes local media. Kokotime also has an M3u analyzer that allows users to add M3u playlists and play them using the built-in player that supports zapping between the content of the playlist (double click to zap).
Kokotime also adds support for loading media libraries or loading media from local servers or public media services and displaying them in a unique design. It also shows additional information in a beautiful design. The documentation to create add-ons is a website for developers who want to contribute.
Applications are still in development and more content is added with each update. If you have a request for a function and want to add it to a future update, do not hesitate to contact us.
Some features:
-Automatic subtitles in more than 187 languages ​​
-Simple and elegant video player with gesture control
-Installing plugins provided by the community from App Add-on Store
-Apps Chromecast supports easy access to native streaming content
-Universal streaming, streaming video from one device to another with a browser.
-Easy to use design
-Continue to see the section, always stay exactly where you left off
-And much more!
+ There was a fixed random lock / restart of the application
+ Fast loading of add-ons thanks to the new logic used to cache add-ons on some devices
+ Trailer and movie / tvshow duration metadata were added
+ Double click on ffw and player rewind
+ Several errors were corrected on some devices
+ Sometimes up / down scrolling it becomes difficult for remote control devices on the add-ons store page Loss problem
+ Resolution resolution subtitles were added to the video player to detect what resolution is being loaded and loaded into the player
+ Fixed a bug where add-ons did not return the video source and the application crashed
+ Security patch
+ C Tom fixed ontrolator to prevent applications from causing problems with plug-ins If highlighting is not visible
+ Fixed application crashes on some devices
+ Fixed ANR on some devices
+ Get fast movie / tvshow metadata and some genre s is not loaded in the language of the device Solves the problem
+ Fixed an issue in which images were not displayed in the bottom drawer of the video player when it stopped. Arrangements not available
+ Some minor design changes and optimizations
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KokoTime v2.2.25 [Premium] APK – Technical details

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KokoTime v2 .2.25 [Premium] Download APK Free

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