Kingdom Hearts III’s smartphone turns its heroes into modern millennials

Kingdom Hearts is a series on the relationship between good and evil and the power of friendship, with complex stories and insignificant titles. The hero Sora travels the world with Disney characters and is a teenager screaming about the light and darkness that lives in our hearts. In addition to some classic story bits, there is not much to call the other party in this fantastic world. However, in Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix was the hero of the best mainstream accessory called smartphone.

Since the release of Kingdom Hearts II it has been more than a decade since then, and its in-game features have grown to reflect modern life. Regardless of whether the player left memories with an animated leather boy, Kratos a brilliant smile, and a perfect web slinger, photography mode was the least common. In Kingdom Hearts III Sora received a "Gummiphone" by Chip and Dale and explains how to stay in touch with friends. I used it every three minutes to shoot a selfie.

Gummiphone ™ looks like a Blackberry if it's a company designed for Fisher-Price. Its screen is wide enough to crouch. It is a very spikey and totally impractical virtual crown. I like it. Sora mainly uses his friends on FaceTime. Goodbye message in the bottle, Hi Privacy Issues! – Complete various photo missions or play games. If you point to one of your colleagues, they will pose. If Donald Duck eagerly shouted, "Do you want to take a picture of me?" No emotions got me hotter.

kingdom hearts iiis smartphone turns its heroes into modern millennials

Of course, smartphones can not be completed without access to any social platform. Kingdom Hearts Does not disappoint. In the loading screen of the game, a pseudo-Instagram complete with a heart-shaped hash tag has been introduced. "I never thought I would ever find my way back to this coast again, it's like a whimsical personality … just like someone wanted me to come here." Posts include phrases like #realmofdarkness and #searching. Others focus on friendship or glamor shots that you can expect from real feeds.

It is tempting to fall from a hole in a rabbit. How does the phone work in the dark area? Why would you reveal that you are in such a dangerous position? What is the cost of data planning? It is a fruitless effort. Why does Sora and his best friend Riku like a key shaped sword because it has as much meaning as the rest of Kingdom Hearts ? Our real timeline includes stories about eating TidePods and wearing blindfolds while driving.

Kingdom Hearts Heroes are not ready to run away and join influential people, but even the most odd games in the game are adorable. It removes the negativity of social media and transforms the experience into pure. Do not be fooled by people who like fictional friends. I do because you really want Donald Duck and Self.

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