Kickstarter will not voluntarily recognize its employee union

Kickstarter CEO Aziz Hasan and management will not voluntarily recognize Kickstarter United, their nascent employee union. (Staff is being organized with Local 153 of the Office and the International Union of Professional Employees (OPEIU)). Instead, the company wants an election from the National Labor Relations Board.

In an email to all staff, Hasan expressed concern that a union would do so. hurting the Kickstarter company has faced a series of challenges, writes Hasan. "I recognize the need for better communication, definition of roles and responsibilities, clarity around compensation and processes that allow sharing and capture perspectives throughout the organization." The company also suffers from what Hasan characterized as "a lack of trust among the people who work here."

Hasan, who took over as CEO in March 2019, says that some employees have discussed a union as a solution to Kickstarter's problems. However, he says that after reflection, "our opinion is that we are better prepared to succeed without the framework of a union. I think it's important to be clear and honest with you about our thinking about this. "

A union" would significantly change the way we operate and work together, "Hasan said, noting some of the concerns he had:" some supervisors have been involved in the organizational process "and how that could" [create] the risk that employees feel pressured by their managers to support or oppose the union's effort. "It's hard to say that the Kickstarter administration is not trying to affect the rights of employees to organize.)

In the email, Hasan points out that there is a growing current of labor activism in the United States and that what is happening on Kickstarter "is not taking place in a vacuum. "The members of the Kickstarter union also recognize this: in the memorandum they published when they announced their plans to unionize, they said that They were interested in trade union protections as much as they were interested in them. For other technology companies. "We can do better together, for ourselves and for our industry."

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