Kate McKinnon will play Elizabeth Holmes in a Theranos miniseries for Hulu

In another example of a podcast that is becoming a television show, Hulu has requested an adaptation of the ABC Nightline research series, The Dropout on Elizabeth Holmes and her failed analytics company of blood Theranos, with Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters The star Kate McKinnon was chosen for the lead role.

Presented by the head of ABC, economics, and technology correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis, The Dropout debuted earlier this year as a six-episode podcast and a series of documentaries that were released after a three-year investigation into Theranos and its founder. Holmes left Stanford to found the company, attracting an incredible amount of attention (and $ 900 million in investment capital) for his "revolutionary" desktop blood test unit, but Theranos crashed spectacularly when it became clear that the product of the company was unviable. , and their apparent successes were open disappointments.

Jarvis told him The Verge in an interview about the podcast that he became interested in Holmes when he shot to fame in the media and explained that the whole story worked. Very good as a podcast. "It had many layers, it's not totally simple, there are some nuances and flesh," she says. The series delves into how Holmes built Theranos, how he shaped his career after the late Steve Jobs and how he could fool so many people into believing that his product would eventually work. Since then, the company collapsed, and Holmes and his former operations director and president, Ramesh Balwani, face criminal charges of electronic fraud and conspiracy to commit electronic fraud.

All this would involve a couple of convincing television hours, and has already been the subject of several documentaries, including HBO The Inventor . Deadline reports that the limited series will have between six and 10 episodes, and that he will star as McKinnon as Holmes. That in itself is exciting: anyone who has seen it in Saturday Night Live knows that it is unparalleled in imitations, and that his version of Holmes should be something to do.

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