Just Cause 3 Cheats codes & walkthroughs

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Here are Just Cause 3 Cheats codes & walkthroughs

Going to N 40 42.235 / E 5 35.125 north of Porto Dar Sena, there are missile silos and some switches nearby. Here you can activate the wormholes in similar terminals around the world. Turn the switch over and move it to the specified position on one of these terminals in the following order (the switch is labeled 1-4 on the left).

Costa Sud: 1-4-3-4-2-1
Pheno: 2-3-3-2-2-3
Trio: 2-1-4-1-2-4

Where to Find Beacons

You can usually find rebel drop beacons in freed areas and near garages. Locations on the map are indicated by download icons.

How to get a monster truck from just cause 3

Complete all reckless jumps in Insula Striate to unlock monster trucks in the rebellion drop menu. You can also get one in the Incendiario Blast Challenge. End the challenge before you explode.

Mile High Club Blimp

From N 40 48.982 / E 5 36.629 in Maestrale, you can see the remains of the Just High 2 Mile High Club blimp.

Thor’s Hammer

To find Thor’s hammer, go to N 40 48.566 / E 5 40.859 in Grande Pastura. You can not choose it; It’s just for the show.

Soap box tea

Disabling the air strike FOW in step 1 will allow you to find the “The Rocket” soap box vehicle at Insula Fonte’s N 40 41.756 / E 5 43.986. At N 40 48.277 / E 5 43.363 by Insula Striate, you can see the Buster Sword of Cloud embedded in the rock. Sadly, you can’t choose it.

Unlock requirements

  • Assault helicopter
  • Complete the main campaign or find all 70 Di Ravello tapes.
  • Capstone Hydra Rocket Launcher
  • Free prosperous kava grenades.
  • CS Baltic Zur Military Vehicle
  • Free Lacos’ Cima Leon silos.
  • CS Navajo Helicopter
  • Free Puncta Sud in Petra
  • CS Negotiation Grenade Launcher
  • The liberation of Sud Sirocco Le Gelera.
  • CS O Zur Tank
  • Liberation Alte Potentia of Grand Pastura.
  • CS-110 Archangel Sniper Rifle
  • Free Espia Alta by Capite Est.
  • CS-4 Peacebringer Dual Wield Exotic
  • Collect all the vintage parts from Insula Dracon.
  • CS7 Thunder Hawk Plane
  • Costa Sud’s Liberation Griffon
  • Geschwind off-road vehicle
  • Complete all reckless jumps at Insula Forte.
  • Customized Kletter 300 Offroad Vehicle
  • Complete all reckless jumps at Insula Dracon.
  • Quick trip Find and activate all Rebel Shrines.
  • Fire leech rocket launcher liberation from Roca Blauda Cabazino Minos North.
  • Portable mortar weapon.

Find and activate all ancient graves

  • Emperor bavarian tanks
  • Kaaba Montana Liberation.
  • Incendario Monster Truck Offroad Vehicle Complete all the reckless jumps in Insula Striate.
  • Noir mode

Find all the vintage parts

  • Cavouk U-15 Prosperous Liberate Cava Grande Secunde.
  • Stria Facocero military car liberation Portor Gratia in Lavanda.
  • U-24 Shotgun Bully Dual Wield Exotic
  • Collect all the vintage parts from Insula Fonte.
  • U-7 Dray Beck Plane

Liberation eagle of Maestrale

  • U41 Ptakojester Plane
  • Falco Maxim Unleashed: Centcom
  • UPU-210 Grenade Launcher

Free Espia Bassa in Petra

  • Urga Fura 570 military vehicle
  • Cava Geminos Est. Freed from Rocca Blauda.
  • Urga Hroch Sea Vehicle

Liberation Cordada Con: Centcom.

  • Urga Ogar 7 V8 Military Car
  • Le Tutor liberated from Norsirocco.
  • Urga Szturm 63A Military Vehicles
  • Cava Geminos freed from Sud Rocca Blauda.
  • USV-45 Sokol Sniper Rifle

The liberator in the epidemic

  • Sud Sirocco’s UVK-13 Rocket Launcher Liberation Monitor.

Viceroy mode

  • N 40 43.371 / E 5 37.057 Look for a puppy located in the Insula Dracon.
  • DK Pistol (Big Head Gun)

Resize the small pink building located at N 40 42.592 / E 5 35.105 in Insula Dracon and climb over the adjacent rock surface.

Pogo stick

  • Look for skyscrapers at Citate Di Ravellos at N 40 44.316 / E 5 38.710.

Just Cause 3 Trophy Guide

Trophy Requirements … without bullets! Destroy all the chaos targets at the military base without using weapons or explosives.

  • (Just) Kausin Chaos
  • Get 1,000 Chaos.
  • True gear getter

Get at least 3 gears in one challenge for each type

  • What you can do …
  • Win the score you called.
  • Baker’s Darth
  • Free 13 agreements.
  • Bragging rights
  • You can beat the score of other players in the challenge.
  • I can’t touch it
  • Call other players to feat.
  • All caught!
  • Bring all your vehicles to Mario’s Rebel Garage.
  • Chaos is my middle name
  • You get 100,000 chaos.
  • Chaos Millionaire
  • Get 1,000,000 Chaos.
  • Finished Deer Devil
  • Fire your land vehicle in every reckless jump in Medici.
  • Madman’s Diary
  • Collect the tapes for all delabelling.
  • Earth, wind and sea
  • Unlock rebel drop for at least one land, air and sea vehicle.
  • Enjoy reunion
  • Complete the “Welcome Home” story mission.
  • F! # & You missiles! Complete the “Missile Cowboy” story mission.
  • Fetish
  • Do all the achievements.
  • Finally, the Offensive Complete “Tangled Up In Blue” story mission.
  • first meet
  • Complete the meeting.
  • please forgive me
  • Find shelter in the monastery and clear column level 5.
  • Get into gear
  • Get at least 3 gears in every challenge.
  • Heart of stone
  • Free all Insula Striate.
  • Hope Springs Eternal
  • Free all Insula Fonte.
  • Medici king
  • Earn all other trophies.
  • Mistakes and wins Complete the “world shattered” story mission.
  • MOD start
  • Unlock and activate the first gear MOD.
  • MOD Expert
  • Unlock all gears MODs in the category in Just Cause 3.
  • MOD Tinker

Activate all gear MODs for at least 1 minute

  • Audio, Amiko! My Little Rocket Man Tether your enemies to the fired gas canisters.
  • Do not turn stones
  • Find all collections in Medici.
  • Old school cool
  • Find all vintage weapons and vehicle parts.
  • Fallen memory
  • Light a candle for each rebel gentleman.
  • Medici’s Son Complete the “son of Medige” story mission.
  • supply and demand
  • Complete the encounter to achieve 10 resupply points.
  • Take it, you pipeline idiot
  • Disable FOW in Insula Fonte.
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Free all Insula Dracon.
  • Power of barbarium
  • Complete the “Long and Dangerous Road” story mission.
  • This mine is a pit
  • Complete the “Vs Escape” story mission.
  • This was assumed to be a Westerner
  • Destroy all the chaos objects in your base without leaving the vehicle.
  • Three sacred hideaways
  • Unlock 3 thermal cleaners.
  • Tomb raider
  • Visit all the ancient tombs.
  • Visit Medici’s highest point at the top of the world N 40 48.085, E 5 43.220.
  • Unlock and unlock all weapons and vehicles from the Full / Load Rebel drop menu.
  • Vibe Le Revolution
  • Free all fat.
  • calamity
  • Complete the “Horrible Reaction” story mission.
  • The winner once again
  • Achieve 100% completion
  • You are here!
  • Send enemies to explode with boosters.
  • You’ve got gears and get 5 gears to the challenge.

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