Jumbo is a powerful privacy assistant for iOS that cleans up your social profiles

Social apps have long provided privacy settings to help you manage who can see your posts. But we were surprised to learn that we learned more than we intended. Whether it's tweets in hot water for years, Facebook not seeing our former job or something much more serious. Jumbo is a new privacy protection app for iOS and attempts to guess from your privacy settings. This can be useful for people who want to reduce the amount of data left on their social web while their app is largely hampered by the limitations of the social media platform.

Jumbo is an invention of Pierre Valade. He started to develop this app, following Microsoft's social calendar app Sunrise, a former company. Valade The Verge commented, "The atmosphere for privacy has changed completely over the past year. Cambridge data analysts' data privacy scandals have raised new interest in the way in which data disappeared a few years back is waiting for us again. Valade and his New York-based team of six, like digital lawyers, are beginning to develop apps that hope to feel "data beliefs" that manage their privacy settings on your behalf.

First of all, this app will manage privacy with four services: Twitter, Facebook, Google search, Amazon's Alexa, etc. Jumbo will be able to manage privacy in Instagram and Tinder in the future. I plan to manage the information.

jumbo is a powerful privacy assistant for ios that cleans up your social profiles

Image: Jumbo

Since I became a frequent Twitter, Jumbo's Twit (I chose to expire the tweet after a month.) Twitter passwords are stored in the iOS keychain, not jumbo itself.

If you tap the "Start cleaning" button, Jumbo will delete the tweet as it goes to an archive file that is available within the Jumbo app. Archives are not particularly useful.

Due to Twitter API limitations, Jumbo can delete 3,200 tweets recently (this is also true for other twitter removal services, as well). ) The app should be in the foreground during the cleanup. So if you have tens of thousands of tweets, you have to run the cleaning service manually every few days, after which Twitter will restart over 3,200 tweets you just deleted and can no longer be removed. There is not. This is Jumbo's recurring theme. It's a good idea, but the limitations of the API undermine the user experience.

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Image: Jumbo

The Facebook experience is better compared. Using Jumbo to connect will change your app to pass through your company's 40 settings to limit whether your posts are public. Jumbo provides "weak", "medium" and "strong" privacy settings rather than making more granular decisions. The Medium setting only provides most of your profile information to your friends. With strong settings, most of the information is visible only to you.

Jumbo should be purged because Facebook does not provide APIs for developers to change their privacy settings. In essence, apps mimic the process of using scripts to click on various settings to make changes as desired. "We do not do what we can not do on our own," Valade says. "We are trying to be a third party to help simplify and make decisions about complex systems."

Jumbo can limit the amount of time Google saves search results, and can delete the voice recordings Amazon has saved from using Alexa. In the future Jumbo hopes to organize public Instagram posts and delete Tinder conversations.

All of this is a bit different, at least depending on the tolerance of the company that Jumbo manages. Valade said he did not contact Facebook, Twitter or anyone else during the development process. For example, you can restrict the insertion of yourself between the user and your privacy settings by introducing CAPTCHA or taking legal action. While doing so may complain to the press, you might argue that using an app like Jumbo would create security problems for users.

Even if you manage your platform's risks, you still need to build a sustainable business. (The company recruited $ 3.6 million in venture capital from investors, including Thrive Capital.) Jumbo will be free to roll out and Valade plans to pay power users in the end for additional features It says. People often say privacy is important, but it's not clear how big a market smartphone users are willing to pay.

All of that became Jumbo era with the idea. Staying in the constantly changing privacy settings of high-tech companies and managing with the most restrictive settings is a welcome addition to the technology world. I hope it can survive, even if it worries that it is not possible.

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