John Oliver wants to fight robocalls by robocalling the FCC

Comedian John Oliver sent robocalls after the FCC's revenge because he did not care enough about robocalls and the Federal Communications Commission.

Oliver will send robocalls to every five FCC members, such as Michael O 'Rielly, Brendan Carr, Jessica Rosenworcel, and Geoffrey Starks yesterday, Tonight Announced. The FCC will be concerned about taking action. Oliver says his engineer takes only 15 minutes to install.

Repeated calls are as follows:

Hello, FCC. Customer Service John. congratulations! I had the opportunity to lower Robocole in the US today. I'm sorry but I'm alive! Robocalls are incredibly annoying. And the one who can stop them is you! Talk back in 90 minutes. Here is bagpipe music.

While the FCC handles a robocall complaint, The Verge has a guide on how to manually stop these calls.

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