Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer is threatening to publish his nude photos

Amazon's Jeff Bezos posted an incredible personal blog post on media media claiming to be a coercion and intimidation on behalf of the tabloid National Enquirer.

Bezos claims that his nude picture, "Pecker, thank you, Mr. Pecker", is threatened with an implicit picture of Lauren Sanchez, a news anchor and reporter who had been piqued by Bezos. In other words, the company "considers it politically motivated or politically unaffected," and agrees to publicly disclose its name, disregarding the motivation of the American Enquirer Unless you say.

The National Enquirer first recorded details of Bezos' case, which disbanded his marriage with MacKenzie Bezos last month.

What does "Political Forces" have to do with Jeff Bezos' love life? AMI is at the heart of ongoing legal disputes with Donald Trump, (19659006) (court documents found that AMI uses "grabbing and killing").

Trump's presidential candidate, David Pecker ) Tells Trump about the events Trump has filed by paying $ 150,000 to exercise monopoly rights prior to the presidential campaign. [1965900] The National Investigator (19459004) asked himself how he got his text message, and he said that he was looking for a business deal. AMI is approaching Bezos after discovering that it had conducted a private investigation of the AMI's attorneys who have taken more serious measures against AMI's "capture and murder" tactics and political ties with Trump and other world leaders "If your client agrees to cease and end such defamation actions, we will seek a constructive dialogue on the texts and photos we own. I will be willing to participate. "Read one of the emails sent to the Bezos private investigative team law team .

The picture of the problem is "Bezos body full of stiff black boxers or a pair of trunks," and "Selfie naked in the bathroom" … wearing only a white towel, "other people between. The whole photo cleanup came from a threatening email to lawyer Gavin de Becker. Bezos is a security consultant Bezos who was hired to conduct personal investigations in addition to Dylan Howard, AMI's Senior Content Officer. (At the end of 2017, Prime Minister Howard was accused of sexual harassment and flight at AMI, and according to Hollywood Reporter according to he was nicknamed "dildo" around the office.)

Attorney Lawyer Jon Fine's 7 point coercion attempt and coincidental nine-year former Amazon lawyer who worked for the company:

The proposed provisions are:

1. On the one hand, the claim that American Media, Jeff Bezos and Gavin de Becker ("Bezos Parties") can oppose each other is complete and complete.

2. Public mutual recognition of recognition from the Bezos authorities through unimaginable news outlets confirms that there is no evidence or grounds to know that AM's coverage was politically politically motivated or influenced, Stop mentioning such possibilities.

3. AM agrees not to publish, distribute, share or disclose unpublished text and photographs ("Nonpublic Materials").

4. AM has not conducted any electronic wiretapping with respect to reporting and has determined that it is not knowledgeable of such conduct.

5. The contract is completely confidential.

6. In the event of breach of any agreement between one or more Bezovites, AM shall be exempt from contractual obligations and may publish unpublished materials.

7. All other disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be prioritized in California's JAMS Mediation.

"Well, [the email] caught my attention, but not in the way they want it to be." Some personal annoyance AMI can make the back seat occupy me because I have a much more important issue related to it. How many people would be able to withstand this kind of robbery in their positions? "Bezos wrote.

In the AMI letter that I am disclosing, I can see the exact details of the compulsive proposal, "Gavin de Becker and I will post personal photographs if we do not make certain false statements to the media." "." True journalists do not suggest what happens here. Nothing I write can convincingly speak of the story of the National Enquirer as their own words. "

" In order to neutralize this communication journalism privilege, to hide behind important protections, AMI's long-standing reputation has been ignored and its purpose. "Of course I do not want to publish personal photos. But I will also not be involved in famous threats, political favors, political attacks, or corruption. I prefer to stand up and crawl this log. "

Amazon and AMI representatives did not immediately respond to the comment request.

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