Jeff Bezos defends spending his Amazon billions on space travel

San Francisco's Wired Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, tells the public only when he takes great risks and pursues a personal vision at the 25th anniversary summit. Jeff Bezos supports his claim to space travel with the Blue Origin rocket venture I did. Humanity can develop in a meaningful way. Bezos became the richest person in the world in July. Thanks to the rise of Amazon. He later faced criticism that he decided to be wealthy despite announcing a $ 2 billion nonprofit initiative to finance public kindergartens for the wealthy.

Bezos said in an interview with journalist Steven Levy: "I will not spend a minute on what I do not think of contributing to civilization and society, to a question about the fate of Bezos, " According to Bloomberg it is better to solve practical problems such as poverty instead of space travel. People want to have a vision that most people will not agree with. If there is a vision that everyone agrees with, then probably not because someone else will do it first. Most of the real Needle activists derive from what is right when most of the world is wrong. "

As Bezos faced more research, he also explores how Amazon uses resources, especially how they deal with contracts and warehouse labor, how much they pay for their employees, how much they return to the community The company recently raised the minimum wage for all its employees to $ 15 per hour based on a criticism by Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VA), but some critics say they are now working with offline retailers, robots and smart homes.

Bezos questions whether the government is able to solve a huge amount of problems. The question is whether the rapid expansion of the company will eventually lead to widespread job losses, reduced competition in the market and consolidation of corporate governance. "We believe that individuals are important. I want the government to pursue what is important, "he said." The government is generally conservative, and in order to address the nation's education, health and poverty issues, "It's just that the government can do things because of its size. Amazon's stock is very small compared to the US federal government resources. "Bezos continued with the Pentagon to defend Amazon's business, which is a leader in profitable Pentagon cloud computing contracts.

Bezos is still the greatest defense on the planet. We discussed a $ 42 million project to build a 10,000-year-old clock on the mountain.The construction began in February, and Bezos admits that it may seem trivial right now compared to the real problems of humankind, We want to be a symbol of how we think about our role as a species from one hundred to thousands of years.

"We can not afford to think in the short term anymore. Bezos said more symbols are needed for a long-term accident. "I believe that the clock will not do anything for hundreds of years, we will make it, and people will make it fun for a long time." But once he gets older, he says he will be respected. He hopes to stand as a symbol of value in solving future prospects and long term problems.

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