Jasi Patcher v4.7 (License InApp Billing Hack With Non Root Support) APK Free Download

Jasi Patcher is an automatic patching tool for Android to bypass app and game limitations, including custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoofing, hooks, tools and utilities. Jasi Patcher v4.7 (InApp billing hack license with non-root support) APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full JAS Patcher v4.7 APK (InApp billing hacking license with non-root support)

Overview and features of Jasi Patcher v4.7 (InApp billing hacking license for non-root support)

Download Jasi Patcher Before v4.7 (InApp Billing Hacking License with non-root support) APK, you can read the brief overview and feature list below.

Abstract: Jasi Patcher is an automated patching tool for Android to circumvent the limits of apps and games.
We are conducting research activities. Because you use the tool and do not provide copyrighted products or materials, end users such as developers, students, or researchers can only test the tool with the product or licensed product and do not infringe on the copyright of the app. cr files
Features: –
– App-based custom patch for hard and popular apps, including apps protected by various types of Obfuscators.
– Universal Patch for License Check Patches for all Android apps
– Same licensing emulation as Google servers with non-root support with Virtual Xposed
– Remove Google ads for Android apps .

– App Purchase Hacking Emulation.
– App Manager features such as data deletion, app deletion, app deletion, data backup and Apk / data restoration
– Reboot program for soft reboot, reboot, power off and reboot , Restart SystemUI with one click
– Clean cache partitions, clear cache of all applications, clear Dalvik cache and clear Dalvik Odex without a single click.
– Add spoof mask IMEI, WiFi Mac
– Disable all application debugging, disable debugger connection check, disable Android version Allow installation, allow downgrade application, disable signature verification, disable APK signing, Disable Overlay Detection
– Dumping a log dumps all applications' logs and can help troubleshoot other applications.
– Change the orientation of the Patcher on the base device, portrait, or landscape
– Change the orientation of the Patcher on the base device, portrait, or landscape
– Change font
– Change animation
– Change sort
– Change font
– Enable / disable vibration
– Enable / disable application icon loading
– Other applications Hide patcher in program
– Check for automatic updates
– Set export, import and reset
Notes: – Patch does not work or crashes Fix it (Patcher> Menu> (Patcher> Menu> Log Dump) and then Send all files by email (Patcher> Menu> About> Email Me).
If you paid, it's free!
Changelogs: –
– Supports billing API v8 and v9
– Detects EdXposed correctly and shows in module details whether or not the module is enabled.
– Backing up your APK will allow you to back up your APK. File with non-English name using package name
– Fixed problem where APK does not work
– Fixed local host issue with ad blocker.
– Crashes fixed when some apps see app information.
– Delete Google+ related stuff
– Update Telegram Stuff
– Added Italian translation of Giuseppe Angelino

] Jasi Patcher v4.7 (JVM): Jasi Patcher v4.7 (Non-root support license Android 4.0 or later, ROOT, Xposed (optional), Virtual Xposed (for non-root devices)
  • APK file name: Jasi_Patcher_v4 . 7.apk
  • APK file size : 3.8MB
  • Official Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details ? id = org.brilliant.android
  • Jasi Patcher v4.7 (InApp Billing Hacking license with non-root support) APK Free Download

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