Jake Paul’s racism controversy reveals the flaw in Shane Dawson’s docuseries

A pure eight-part documentary by Shane Dawson has been a tremendous success. Within a 24-hour period, the 105-minute finale was maintained for 10 million times. However, some fans ask whether Dawson is responsible for the careless treatment of former colleagues in connection with Jake Paul's racist remarks. It is a critique of the series's greatest – and perhaps justice – that speaks about one of the weaknesses.

At the beginning of the documentary, Shane Dawson wants to be a hardliner for Jake Paul. Dawson suggested that Dawson was important because he historically acted with friends or intimacy on documentary subjects, not interviewers, reporters, or skeptics. He decided that he could not handle Jake Paul, a critically acclaimed creator, who performed dangerous tricks, promoted too much to a young, touching audience, and abused his former colleagues.

In his first episode, Dawson said, "I am very good, forgiving too long, loyal too, and I do not want to do this time." I would like to sit down in the room with him in this time. This is why people do not like you. This is what you did. I want you to change your life to tell me why you did it, to be honest. "

jake pauls racism controversy reveals the flaw in shane dawsons docuseries

Dawson continues to spoil this point in his series, often showing how difficult it is to balance well with the job as a documentary director and the desire to become a Joy of Nice. When sitting down, Dawson suffers a lot of skepticism that paints Jake Paul in a negative perspective, each explaining his thought process, explaining why he did what, and most of the time Dawson does not actually back off. Instead, his reaction is very favorable to Paul's misfortune, and when he rebels, he is not too mild and threatening.

Most of that kind of approach is Dawson's way of dealing with a series as part of entertainment is easy to overlook Nevertheless, Dawson's fans are very much in touch with all the members of Team 10 Dawson's staggering outcome is his result of his generally useless approach to Jake Paul.

At the end of last year, Spanish YouTubers Ivan and Emilio Martinez came up with YouTuber Insisted that a departure from the influential group of Jake Paul had tormented them with jokes like destroying their own rooms because they were threatened.The brothers speak English as a second language.They say that the rest of the 10th lesson and the barrier

When Dawson announced this to Jake Paul in an interview, YouTuber denied continuing physical abuse.

When Dawson told Jake Paul in an interview, he refused to continue physical abuse He said, all the jokes were fake, and people pre- Since we knew what to talk always happen. Paul These agreements were made with each other, the brothers said in advance to tell the real joke to pull their pull. "My blog seems to be lightly scripted," Paul said.

Only Dawson nods. He does not ask Paul to give his brothers the option to say no to their brethren. Or that he agrees with everything Paul thinks about any dangerous, decent, or uncomfortable matter. But he asks Paul if his interaction feels bad enough to justify the twin's departure.

"I sometimes have language barriers when joking in the absence of a camera," Paul admits. "Sometimes I saw them angry at me, but I will always try to fix it."

Dawson raises accusations of racism. The twins claim that Paul calls them "empty houses." He immediately awaits condemnation concerning Paul's childhood. Dawson grew up in an environment where anything can fly. In a similar situation, if Paul were to grow up, it would be difficult to know if the line had fallen.

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"In the past, Dawson, wearing a black coat, was" aggressive and joking. "It's uncomfortable, and I'm not saying it's good, I'm not going to grow kids that way right now, but that's where I came from, right? So when I started YouTube, I started joking, Since I started speaking, I did not realize it was too far. "

Jake Paul knows this and agrees. He too. He says that he was in the "high school locker-type vibration" in the past. In the meantime, Vine mockery shows his initial scene on the screen. He explains that Martinez came to a team of best friends who treat everything as a joke.

"We will talk about each other's mothers, talk about their sisters, and we would have hurt each other," says Paul. "And somebody told me about my family, it was all a joke … so when we joked to the Martinez twins, I thought at the time they thought they were funny, but they said," Oh, they were like racists. "

Paul is a brother, but they also call it a cracker or a foolish white man. Paul said, "We want to bring back our brothers. "And when they leave, I think they used it to us," they called us, "when it was culture in the house, and they did it to us."

Dawson does not question this fact and argues that he did not notice that kind of culture when he visited his home. Paul asks if he thinks he has changed.

"100%, that word will not come out of my mouth, because … until today, someone will be afraid of me." … I learned clearly from that situation. Not everyone is joking in the same way. They may not be okay in a real environment, even if they joke around. "

Paul is essentially thankful for telling Paul about this point, and Dawson is convinced he can get angry with the twins, telling him about him.

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The Brother Team 10 is still distrustful about the departure of the person who learned English and pulled him out of poverty into the influenza.After his departure from Team 10 he accused him of being a racist because the controversy would help his job. 19659020] "I was the first person to feel comfortable speaking in English," Jake says, "I do not know. So I was angry. "

Most of the documentaries focus on the same subject as Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend, but some people have focused on the dilemma with the Martinez twins. #ShaneDawsonisOverParty was reported in a moment on Twitter If you search for "Shane Dawson" on the current website, you will not see the hashtags, but it is the best result of racial debate.

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