It costs $649 to repair the new iPad Pro without AppleCare+

Released in New York today, Apple's latest iPad Pro is one of the most expensive tablets made by the company. The cheapest option starts at $ 799 for a 64GB 11-inch iPad Pro and up to $ 1,899 for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with LTE. Without Apple's extended warranty program, AppleCare +, the new iPad costs the most to repair.

Apple's iPad repair support page lists the cost of repairing each tablet. Warranty. AppleCare + pays $ 129 for a two-year iPad Pro warranty and handles two accidents. However, if your free limited warranty expires after 90 days and your new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is damaged, you will have to pay a maximum of $ 649 at a fixed price.

it costs 649 to repair the new ipad pro without applecare

The AppleCare + service charge is currently $ 49 on all iPads. AppleCare + rates are cheaper compared to how much you pay AppleCare + for iPhone. AppleCare + theft and loss deductibles can be applied up to $ 269 for iPhone XS. This is unnecessarily expensive for calls over $ 1,000. However, if the iPad Pro needs to be repaired and the warranty expires, it may be a better one-time investment than paying $ 649.

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