Iron Judgment expansion for GWENT has arrived

GWENT Iron Judgment, the anxious expansion for the Witcher card game, is now available! It brings more than 80 new cards in all factions of the game, and also includes several new game mechanics for players to master and incorporate into their own skill set. The launch is also accompanied by a special event in Arena mode that allows you to use only newly added cards for the draw.

The new mechanics include:

  • Armor: provides protection against damage to the units
  • Defender: further strengthens the ranges
  • Barricade / Exposed: marks different states for the units according to their armor status [19659008] The Radovid King of Witcher V is the central figure of the GWENT expansion, and is well known for books and the game series for fans. He is the leader of the Northern Realms faction and his reign is one of the fundamental factors in the post-war period, which is well known to fans of the series. Not to spoil anything to those who intend to deepen the history of The Witcher, this quote from King Radovid V perhaps best describes the character:

    "They say it is the game of kings. That chess teaches one to think strategically. What a load of garbage! …

    Both parts have identical pieces, the rules remain invariably the same. How does this reflect real life? "

    – King Radovid V the Stern

    As mentioned, the launch of the expansion set is accompanied by a special event in Arena mode, promoting new cards and players who log in before October 8, 11:59 CEST, will receive a free iron trial barrel This gives 5 random new cards, and there will be a Game of Kings package offered for a limited time through the game store.

    Gwent Iron Judgement New Cards

    GWENT Iron Judgment can be downloaded and played for free as the game, with optional purchases and n the game It is available for most of the platforms on which you can play, including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the next mobile version, the expansion will already be incorporated into the game when it comes out, and is currently available for Pre-order in the App Store. The release date of GWENT Mobile iOS is October 29, 2019

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