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The iPhone XS is easily one of the most expensive devices that Apple has manufactured, there is no way around it. But for those who try to grab this phone at its cheapest price … what would happen if we told you that there is an offer that omits the commitment, which offers a lot of data on one of the cheapest price tags of the phone.

While that sounds like the type of offer that comes with an obvious failure or capture, there really isn't one. This is simply a Three iPhone XS agreement that offers 100 GB of data. All you have to pay is £ 52 per month and £ 49 in advance.

That may seem like a great deal to pay and for most phones it would be. But, when it comes to the iPhone XS, this is probably the best cost we've seen on the device, which makes those 100 GB of data even more impressive.

This is enough data to retain even the most determined Internet users. With the ability to download approximately 20,000 songs a month, or stay in a video call for nine and a half days, it is more difficult to use all that information every month!

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This brilliant iPhone XS deal is complete:

So what's good about the iPhone XS?

There is a good reason for the high price of the iPhone XS. Extremely powerful and full of features, it is clearly one of the best phones on the market at the moment, even with the competition of the much newer offers of Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro.

On the whole device, everything feels premium . Apple's almost infinite OLED display with smart HDR looks impressive and its 2658 mAh battery is a great improvement over the previous options. Although it has not been greatly improved compared to the previous model, it is a phone as luxurious as the one you can get at this time and especially for this price.

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