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It's here! Is here! That's right, Apple's annual smartphone-focused event is upon us and our live iPhone 11 release will keep you updated with all the news, releases and expert analysis, about what we hope is a busy session.

The Apple Event 2019 starts at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. BST (that is at 4 am AEDT on September 11 in Australia), and we are reporting live from the headquarters of the firm based in Cupertino, California, to provide you with the latest as announced on

In addition to three new iPhones, we could also see Apple announce the Apple Watch 5, while we wait to hear more about Apple TV Plus and know the release dates of the final versions of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina.

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iPhone 11 liveblog release

All hours in Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT)

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10:00 – The lights are off. Startup Video I just saw the old iPod touch wheel, the TouchID logo, a Mac, some rotating MacBooks, iPads, pencils, Airpods, some Siri notes, a HomePod, the Apple TV remote, an iPhone camera with more lenses , iOS 13 and some workouts on The Apple Watch. With some health elements too.

Ugh, it doesn't stop. There is the iPhone XR: "it offers some people wonderful tools and they will do wonderful things".

Tim is here. People are clapping.

09:55 – Gareth back in the driver's seat here – I left my useless barrage of Twitter to write on a website. Some reflections:

1. Someone smells good near me. It is like a smell of wood and fruity. It's okay.

2. The power does not work, but my laptop works with more than 7 hours of battery power remaining. That should be enough unless Tim Cook has some things to get out of his chest.

3. I am right in front of the hands in the area. I'm ready. SO READY.

09:50 – We are receiving funky music through the PA system while everyone finds their seats. You better hurry up, we start in 10 minutes.

On the stage screen there is an Apple logo that changes color. We have seen some color leaks from the iPhone 11 in recent days, including a pretty attractive green tone. Could this logo be a clue that the new iPhones will come in a wide range of colors?

You don't have to wait long to find out.


09:30 – So, let's quickly recap what we hope to see very soon:

  • 3 new iPhones
  • Apple Watch 5
  • Release dates for iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS 10.15
  • More information about Apple TV Plus
  • A new iPad?
  • A new 16-inch MacBook?

09:00 – One hour left until Tim Cook takes the stage. Are you ready? We certainly are. We have Gareth reporting live from Cupertino, and the entire TechRadar team in offices around the world ready to give you absolutely everything you need to know.

08.50 – Ah, the Steve Jobs Theater. We meet again.

06:00 – So what else can you expect from today's Apple event? Well, there should be good news for those who currently own an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, since Apple should give us firm release dates for its next software updates.

We already know a lot about iOS 13 for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad and macOS 10.15 Catalina for Mac and MacBooks, but the finished versions of the software updates have not yet reached the devices.

We have seen Apple announce software update dates during previous iPhone launch events, so we expect the trend to continue. year.

05:00 – We're awake in California! Good old jet lag, keeping us sharp between our ears As we have five hours until the Apple event begins, why not read our Phone Staff Writer, Tom Bedford's thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Rumors They have warned the 11 Pro to come with Apple Pencil support, which allows you to use the signature stylus with the headset, something that has only been available for new generations of iPads to date.


It happens every year, just before a big launch, and points to the fact that new hardware will be announced. Apple disconnects its store, allowing you to prepare new product pages without revealing the game.

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(Image credit: Apple)

04:00 – While three new iPhones are almost nailed to launch today, We are somewhat less certain of the arrival of the Apple Watch 5. We saw the launch of the fourth generation of Apple's smart watch along with the iPhone XS in 2018, but the rumors and leaks surrounding its successor have been relatively scarce in the ground. 19659003] Our phone editor, James Peckham, says: "So far, we know very little about the Apple Watch Series 5. We are still likely to hear about Apple's next generation smartwatch later today and look forward to a great focus on the Sleep Tracking Technology.

"It is greatly rumored that Apple is prepared to make great improvements in the way it monitors its nap, but these features are likely to also enter previous iterations of Apple Watch. Apple will have to have a surprise waiting behind the scenes if it will encourage those who already own the Apple Watch 4 to upgrade to the 2019 version. "

03:00 – It's still a lot in the middle of the night on the west coast of the United States, and Cook and company will be lying down dreaming of new ways of saying "dazzling," "revolutionary," and "splendid."

Meanwhile, for those of you who are already awake , What can you expect from today's launch? Well, the main event will be the announcement of new iPhone phones, and it looks like it will be another trio of smartphones.

What will these new iPhones be? The call is still in debate. We are currently linking them as the iPhone 11R (replacing the iPhone XR), iPhone 11 (replacing the iPhone XS) and iPhone 11 Max (replacing the iPhone XS Max).

However, some rumors suggest the "affordable" R series. be ll will love iPhone 11, with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max as flagship or ptions. Then there is the school of thought that says that Apple will keep the Roman numerals and give us the iPhone XI and company.

It's messy, so let us know what you think in our Twitter survey:

02:30 – Let's start with a little singing to get you in the mood. Do you have lyrics for more verses? Tweet!

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