Iowa Democrats blame “coding issue” for botched caucus results

The Iowa Democratic Party said the "coding problem" was responsible for reporting assholes that delayed the results of the inaugural presidential preliminary meeting on Monday night.

The app used to report caucus results was "partial" by a statement issued Tuesday morning by Troy Price of IDP, where Price was able to verify that the party had correctly collected the results entered by the app, but that data Has not been properly sent to the parties.

“While the app was recording data correctly, I was only reporting partial data,” Price said. "We determined that this was due to a coding problem in the reporting system."

According to the price, this problem was "identified and fixed". The party plans to announce the results later today.

The Iowa Caucus result has traditionally been called, but this year the Iowa Democrats encouraged the constituency to enter the results in a new app. The Huffington Post reported that the party paid $ 60,000 to develop the app, which is a fairly small amount for critical election infrastructure. (We also used the app in 2016, and some were developed by Microsoft.)

The coding problem isn't the only one. According to the New York Times many caucus volunteers were unfamiliar with using the new app and planned to avoid using the app by bringing up the results as usual. Other people tried to use the app but couldn't log in or submit the results.

The full statement of the party is as follows:

Tomorrow morning, Democratic Iowa Troy Price made the following statement.

Last night, more than 1,600 grounds caucuses gathered in Iowa and satellite caucuses around the world to show their shared values ​​and goals to reclaim the White House. Many volunteers who run the Caucus site, new voters who registered as Democrats, and neighbors who talked about the future of our country showed our party's strengths. Security intrusion. To prepare the caucuses, our system was tested by an independent cyber security consultant.

The parish caucus results began to emerge, and the IDP gained results through accuracy and quality checks. It became clear that the report did not match. The root cause of this discrepancy was not immediately apparent and required time-consuming investigation.

As this investigation developed, IDP staff activated pre-planned backup actions and entered data manually. It took longer than expected.

As part of our investigation, we verified that the underlying data collected through the app is correct. While the app was recording data correctly, it only reported partial data. We have determined that this is due to a coding problem in the reporting system. This issue has been confirmed and fixed. The reporting issue in the app did not affect the ability of the precinct chairman to report data accurately.

The required paper document allowed me to verify that the data recorded in the app and used to calculate State Delegate Equivalents is valid and accurate. The parish level results are still being reported to the IDP. Our plan is to announce the results as soon as possible today, but our ultimate goal is to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of the process is maintained.

Modified February 4 at 9:57 am ET: The Iowa app will help you record results even in 2016. The story initially said that 2020 was the first time Iowa used the app. I'm sorry about the error.

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