iOS app makers will soon be able to discount subscriptions for current and past customers

As noted by MacRumors and TechCrunch Apple will soon give iOS and Mac App Store developers the option to offer discounted subscriptions to their current and past customers. At this time, time-limited subscription fees are only part of the promotion. Once you sign up for a service or app, you'll pay a regular subscription fee after the discount expires. Developers did not lower the monthly fee for everyone and did not change it in any way to lure previous subscribers back. You can not use the introductory offer twice.

However, iOS 12.2 will soon be changed. Apple allows developers to offer promotional subscription discounts to expired users and current users. As a result, you can temporarily lower your prices when you first sign up (holidays, app / game release dates, etc.) at any time. Apple also allows more flexibility. Developers can use up to 10 promotional prices with a single subscription. People with expired in-app subscriptions can get more aggressive and enticing promotional discounts than their existing customers.

App manufacturers can identify users who are not using auto-play and provide the most likely promotional subscriptions. Please bring them. This also allows devs A / B to test some discount options. This means that you can get promotions that are cheaper or more expensive than others in the app. Promotional subscription rates do not appear on the App Store, so customers are not sure if they are getting better. But again, this price is for a certain amount of time. They still switch to standard monthly fees.

Extended promotional discounts come after Apple took steps to make it easier for iPhone and iPad owners to access and manage their subscriptions. Last month, the company instructed developers to make their subscription plans clear and easy to understand when serving them to customers. But Apple must also keep devs happy, and these new promotion subscription tools are one way to do this. Much of each subscription Apple maintains is a large part of the reason that the company's service business has surged over the past few years.

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