iOS 13 will fix the FaceTime eye contact problem

The third beta version for iOS 13 developers includes a new feature that makes it look like you're looking directly at your front camera during FaceTime calls, even when you look at someone else on your screen. The feature, which was detected by Mike Rundle on Twitter, only seems to be working on the iPhone XS and XS Max with this version of the beta, and can be enabled and disabled from the FaceTime configuration. 19659002] Typically, video calls tend to look like both participants are looking to one side or the other, as they are looking at the person on their screen, instead of looking directly at the front camera. However, the new function of "FaceTime attention correction" seems to use some kind of image manipulation to correct this, and produces a false realistic eye contact between FaceTime users. Coincidentally, Rundle himself theorized in 2017 that Apple would one day do this, although not so soon.

ios 13 will fix the facetime eye contact problem

Normally, if you look at the screen of a vertical telephone, it seems that you look under the front camera.
Image: WSig

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With the new feature, it looks like you're looking at the camera, even when you're looking at the screen.
Image: WSig

It is not clear exactly how Apple is achieving this effect, with which devices it will work or if it will support group calls. We are also curious to know if it works when there are several people in the frame, for those moments when you group your whole family around a device so that FaceTime is a distant relative. The feature should reach the beta version for the public next week.

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