iOS 13 update and features list

The iOS 13 update is here to introduce new features to your old iPhone, offering new software advantages, even if it hasn't been updated to the new Apple iPhone.

Dark Mode is the best feature of iOS 13 and the most visual change. Invest the white and light gray colors to get less visual fatigue from the dark gray and black, at least in the main applications.

In case you need to know how to get iOS 13, we have a step-by-step guide for that, although the update is preinstalled on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

What's new in iOS 13? What devices are compatible with iOS 13? We have all those answers, and a mini review of iOS 13, then while we wait for the iOS 13.1 update.


The two-minute review of iOS 13

Dark mode: We have been taking full advantage of this feature of iOS 13. Change the interface (except for some third-party applications), exchanging Bright white and light gray colors by black and dark gray tones. That is more pleasing to the eye, especially at night. Professional advice for iOS 13: You can program the Dark Mode of iOS 13 to activate and deactivate at specific times, and add it as a shortcut from the Control Center menu.

Compatibility with iOS 13: iOS 13 is compatible with many iPhones, provided you have the iPhone 6S or iPhone SE or newer. Yes, that means that both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 are not on the list and are forever stuck with iOS 12.4.1, but Apple did not make any cuts for iOS 12, so it is catching up in 2019. Fair. [19659005] The dark mode makes everything, well, darker. In a good way. ” class=” lazy-image lazy-image-loading lazyload optional-image” onerror=”if(this.src && this.src.indexOf(‘missing-image.svg’) !== -1){return true;};this.parentNode.replaceChild(window.missingImage(),this)” data-normal=”” src=”” data- data-original-mos=”” data-pin-media=””/>

The dark mode makes everything, well, darker. In a good way.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Photo editing tools advance: You can now change photos in 15 different ways, adjusting reflections, contrast and shadows. It is more robust to the point of opening less Adobe Lightroom. Professional advice for iOS 13: Editions also work for video, and you can edit photos without destroy Live Photo properties.

A new QuickPath keyboard: slide the keyboard instead of playing? Now it's in there. There is no line that follows the movement of your finger, and it is a bit difficult to get used to the beginning, but it is closer than we liked to Gboard. Professional advice for iOS 13: We find this more useful on any large Max or Plus phone.

FaceTime Correction: Do you know that in a FaceTime call where you look at your screen and therefore are not looking at the camera? Apple will use AI to move the direction of your gaze. A bit creepy in principle, but very useful.

Face ID is much better: We love this feature: the field of vision for unlocking the phone with the face is wider, so looking at the phone on the desktop will open your iPhone without needing to pick up the handset

iOS 13 does not reach the iPad: He cheated on you. iOS 13 is strictly for iPhone (and iPod Touch). iPadOS will debut for iPad with exclusive productivity features for the largest tablet screen on September 24.

  The QuickPath keyboard is easy to use in our tests.

The QuickPath keyboard is easy to use in our tests.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

& # 39; Find my iPhone & # 39; and & # 39; Find my Friends & # 39; are merged: The two applications are now in one application & # 39; Find My & # 39 ;, and Apple added functionalities that can find offline devices from other iPhones or iPads. Best of all, we got less timeout errors.

iOS 13 improves battery life: By this we mean & # 39; battery life & # 39; no & # 39; time between charges & # 39 ;: the new iOS 13 platform is smarter in charging and will reduce energy input at the right times. The dark mode should also help on iPhone OLED screens, although we are testing it.

Reminders gets a huge (and useful) review: A new clear design, Reminders now allows attachments and better classification. It may not sound massive, but it is a great leap for those who use it.

The camera is receiving a major update: Vertical mode (if your phone supports it) will offer more customizable lighting and a new & # 39; High Key Mono mode & # 39; for when you want to look like you're in a Calvin Klein ad.

Siri sounds better: A refined voice with a more natural diction, Siri is much more pleasant to speak now. You may not notice it without a side-by-side comparison, but it is here.

All new Memoji to play: You can add makeup, throw Memoji stickers from the keyboard, if you like your own cartoon, there's a lot to try here. Professional advice for iOS 13: Stickers works on iPhone 8 and earlier iPhones, even if you don't have the TrueDepth camera to move Memoji.

  Search for this logo to obtain a secret email address. [19659027] Look for this logo to get a secret email address. </p>
</figcaption><p>  (Image credit: TechRadar) </p>
<p><strong>  Control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth more simply: </strong> We love this: long press (or 3D Touch for certain iPhone) models) on the Wi buttons -Fi / Bluetooth in the Control Center and you can access all your connections in one place. </p>
<p>  <strong> Use your PS4 controller on your phone: </strong> Do what it says … now you can pair your console controller to play games in a more immersive way. Support for PS4 is here today, while support for Xbox One is coming. Perfect for Apple Arcade, right? </p>
<p>  <em> OK, that's the most important thing, but if you want to know more about the smallest features, or a little more depth about what your iPhone or iPad can do, read on: </em> </p>
<p>  <em> <strong> Video: How to download iOS 13 now (without waiting): </strong></em></p>
<h2 id= iOS 13 release date and time

  • iOS 13 release date: Released on Thursday 19th September
  • iPadOS comes out later: Tuesday September 24
  • iOS 13.1 release date: We wait for you at the end of October

The iOS 13 update was released on 19 September, which means everyone now has access to Apple's new iPhone software, if their iPhone is compatible (more on that soon).

First we got the beta version of iOS 13 in early June, so the public beta developers and testers. The iOS 13.1 version, which we estimate by the end of October, is going through the same process.

Here is the iOS 13.1 update timeline:

1. Beta version for iOS 13 developers: Monday June 3 : released for the first time in the main presentation of Apple WWDC 2019, this is a version restricted to paid Apple developers and simply was not intended for average consumers. I couldn't even install it by air (OTA) at first.

2. Public beta version of iOS 13: Monday, June 24: Apple extended the tests to all testers arranged through eight versions of the iOS 13 update before it officially came out. Plot twist: some of the tests were for iOS 13.1 even before iOS 13 came out.

3. iOS 13 golden master: Monday, September 10 – Just after the iPhone launch event 11, Apple planted iOS 13 golden master, the final version of the update for beta testers. Give app developers time to adjust.

4. The official update of iOS 13: Thursday, September 19: Just one day before the launch date of the iPhone 11, Apple issued the software for all other iPhones.

5. iOS 13.1 release date: We don't have a firm release date for the iOS 13.1 update, but Apple has been testing a beta version of iOS 13.1 since August and we know that the updates Previous iOS .1 releases were launched at the end of October, usually coinciding with a new iPad and Mac launch event.

Video: The best features of iOS 13 we've tested: [19659044] IOS 13 compatibility list

  • iOS 13 is compatible with iPhone 6S / iPhone SE or later
  • iOS 13 is not compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

IOS 13 compatibility requires an iPhone from the last four years. That means that phones like the iPhone 6 will not get iOS 13: if you have one of those devices, it will stay with iOS 12.4.1 forever.

  iOS 13 throws several old devices (Image Credit: Apple)

iOS 13 throws several old devices (Image Credit: Apple)

(Image Credit: TechRadar)

You will need a iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone SE or later to install iOS 13. With iPadOS, although it is different, you will need an iPhone Air 2 or iPad mini 4. or later.

The iPhone SE fits into a strange category, as it has specifications for the iPhone 6 era, but came out after the iPhone 6S. Don't worry, everyone's favorite little iPhone will have iOS 13.

iOS 13 is compatible with only one iPod, the newest version. No wonder, the new iPod Touch 7th gen is the only device in its class that receives support for iOS 13.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

  • Overdue Dark Mode will arrive on iOS 13 and iPadOS
  • We saw macOS get a dark mode in the entire system in 2018
  • Direct access to the black and dark gray user interface is in the Control Center

The dark mode in iOS 13 is a complete system, which means that it changes the shades from bright white and light gray to black and dark gray in all compatible applications.

Image 1 of 3

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Image 2 of 3

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Image 3 of 3

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It's a good feature when you're using your iPhone at night and want to avoid the bright white tones that shine on your face. You can also save battery power on iPhones equipped with OLED, from iPhone X onwards. Apple didn't talk about this at all, but we know that OLED displays essentially & # 39; turn off & # 39; Pixels when rendering in black.

The activation of the iOS 13 Dark Mode can be done in the Control Center inside the Screen slider (right next to the Night Shift and True Tone), according to Apple, or you can automatically set it to turn on by the night through a schedule or personalized schedule.

The yellow-toned Night Shift mode finally gets a bright light attenuation companion, and many people couldn't be happier.

iOS 13 offers & # 39; FaceTime attention correction & # 39;

This is an interesting question. Now there is an option for FaceTime attention correction, and it is as wild as it seems.

What exactly does it do? It makes it look like you're looking directly at the front camera during a FaceTime video call, when you're actually looking at the adjacent screen. That distracted aspect might be a thing of the past soon.

iOS 13 on iPad is iPadOS, and it's a big change

Some of the most important changes for iOS 13 on iPad actually come in an update called iPadOS. Apple is indicating that the iPad needs its own platform.

That means major improvements in the workflow of your iPad, starting with the redesign of the home screen. Anchored Widgets, as we predicted in our iOS 13 rumor summary, allow you to add widgets from today's viewing screen (that left mode screen on your iPhone and iPad). So far, it is exclusive to iPad, and will not reach iOS13 for iPhone.

Slide Over allows you to have multiple applications open and run them as rolodex. You can also use the fan to preview all at once with a swipe gesture, something like the recent menu on many phones and tablets. Multitasking is easier.

MNjfk8Ev4NsCVbd5ZtRVh 320 80

The split view has been improved to allow you to open an application on both sides of the screen (previously not possible), and Apple demonstrated this by displaying the Notes along with the Notes . You can also pair an application with more than one application, so Safari can now be paired with Pages in one space and Safari can be paired with Mail in another.

App Expose is new to iPad software, allowing you to see all the space you have open. There is an App Expose icon in the Dock, which requires only one press to enter the convenient overview mode.

New gestures of copy, paste and undo are coming to iPadOS. It was shown that three wrinkled fingers down copied the text, three fingers that expanded (in the opposite direction) released the text on the page and slid three fingers across the screen to undo the last action. We will have to see how this works when the software lands.

Apple's keyboard can float around the screen in a smaller way, and is presenting a sliding keyboard, which is called QuickPath Typing. There are also more keyboard shortcuts (the lack of shortcuts was a complaint we had about previous versions of iOS).

Actually, there are too many iPadOS changes to detail here in the iOS 13 explainer, so we have removed the full summary on a new iPadOS release date, news article and features.

iOS 13 introduces a QuickPath keyboard

With iOS 13, Apple's default QuickType keyboard will incorporate swiping to type, a popular way of sliding across the keyboard to form words We've used it in previous iOS keyboard extensions like Gboard and Google SwiftKey

  Here is the QuickPath keyboard in action (Image Credit: Apple)

Here is the QuickPath Keyboard in action (Image Credit: Apple)

You can use the QuickType and QuickPath methods to type interchangeably, and even Now supported languages ​​include English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

iOS 13 presents the new application & # 39; Find My & # 39;

Apple Combine Find My Friends and Find My iPhone on iOS 13, and the union allows you to locate your friends and missing devices with a faster and easier-to-use interface.

  iOS 13 Find My app

Find My iPhone and Find My friends come together in one application (Image Credit: Apple)

What is really good is that it uses an encrypted Bluetooth signal of public origin to help you locate devices that are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. That is mostly a great help for Mac, but it could also help with an iPhone in rare cases.

Best of all, while Find My Friends didn't always work for us, Apple seems to be making a great effort to get the correct location tracking with this new iOS 13 application, which is now in the spotlight.

iOS 13 makes your old iPhone faster, last longer

More people are holding their iPhones for longer, and that is something Apple seems to recognize, and the company is accelerating iOS 13 to accommodate them.

The most important statistics of iOS 13: the launch speed of the application is up to twice as fast according to Apple, and the Face ID unlock will be 30% faster than before. Apple also found a way to make application downloads smaller, up to 60% on average; iOS 12 gave us a faster update, and iOS 13 seems to be based on that.

Battery life is also something Apple is addressing this year. Your goal is to reduce the speed of battery aging by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. IOS 13 is supposed to learn from your daily charging routine, so you can wait to finish charging more than 80% until you need to use it.

Reminders gets a great review

Of all the integrated applications, Reminders have received the biggest renewal of iOS. It is better organized and includes shortcuts that make it easier to add reminders.

  iOS 13 applications

Reminders have achieved the most recent reinvention among iOS 13 applications (Image Credit: Apple)

Large color-coded buttons for Today, Scheduled, All and Marked categories offer you Better monitoring of your urgent tasks, while the keyboard when in this application has a fast frontline toolbar that acts as a shortcut to easily add hours, dates, locations, banners, photos and scanned documents.

Make plans in Messages? Siri will intervene to suggest reminders that can be created, such as a personal assistant who intervenes at all times.

Changes in camera and portrait mode

iOS 13 offers significant changes to camera functions, starting by enabling it to change the intensity of light in portrait mode, which is something we wanted during a weather. Portrait mode is also getting a new monochrome effect called High-Key Mono.

  iOS 13 camera application

The new Photos tab in the iOS 13 Photos application: Apple sees it as its photo diary (Image Credit: Apple)

The photo gallery is becoming what that Apple called "a diary of his life", with a new tab designed to document his best photos by day, month and year. You will also have more pinch controls to zoom in and out of the photo gallery.

Now you can do something for which most people have been crying on an iPhone: change the aspect ratio of the image you take on the camera app That means there are square options, or even 16: 9, in the settings, although when exporting images from the phone, the files are still in the original 4: 3 format.

The photo editing is refined with iOS 13, adding controls and adjustment filters, while the editing part of video almost completely reflects it: almost all photo tools and effects, including filters, rotation and cropping, pass to the video. If you're not good at playing with the video, there will even be an adjustment button & # 39; Auto & # 39 ;.

Siri's new voice sounds more natural

A new voice of Siri is released with iOS 13, and sounds more natural than before: we have heard a sample and the tone is the same, but it sounds less robotic.

It uses advanced text-to-neural technology, according to Apple, and you will notice it particularly when Siri says longer sentences, such as reading Apple news aloud or answering knowledge questions.

The timing is good, because Siri can also talk much more if he uses AirPods: Siri can read incoming messages and channel them through the buttons, which is convenient.

A new advantage of Siri: your voice assistant at HomePod will understand the voices of different family members in your home. This should mean, for example, that asking "What's on my calendar?" will not display the irrelevant information of another person.

Memoji makes up, Messages receives shared information

Apple has put more & # 39; Me & # 39; in Memoji, allowing a trillion configurations: new hairstyles, hats, makeup and piercings to name some categories. The examples on the WWDC stage showed that these custom Animoji masks allow granular accessory details such as eye shadows, braces and even AirPods.

  Memoji improves in year two (Image credit: Apple)

Memoji improves in year two (Image credit: Apple)

Memoji stickers are something completely new: iOS 13 brings more iPhone and iPad users to the Memoji camera, with TrueDepth camera or not. You can customize a Memoji and iOS 13 will automatically create a package of fun-looking stickers found in a submenu of the keyboard, which you can use in Messages, Mail and third-party applications.

You can share your custom Memoji with contacts through iMessages, but only when you grant them access. The same applies to sharing your name and photo with contacts, so you can choose how people see your name, for example. According to Apple, you can decide if you want your profile to be shared with everyone, only with your contacts, or only once.

New HomePod features

You may not know, but the HomePod is part of the iOS family, and also received updates from iOS 13.

First, you can transfer songs from your iPhone simply by holding your phone more near the HomePod speaker. Previously, I had to tell Siri to do this, but now this transfer function is a bit easier and you don't have to talk to do it.

The HomePod also features Live Radio: you can ask Siri to play 100,000 stations around the world. And HomePod will allow you to recognize who in your family is speaking and customize the response, excellent with Apple Music, where selections will be based on your taste and history. It goes beyond music, messages, notes, reminders and more.

Sign in with Apple

  iOS 13 sign in with Apple

Apple wants application and site developers to use its sign-in function, and there are also some advantages to user privacy (Credit Image: Apple)

Apple is taking Facebook Connect, Google and other platforms that allow you to conveniently log in to third-party accounts. The Apple login is prepared to protect your privacy more than Facebook and Google.

The good thing is that if you don't want to transfer your email to an application developer or website, Apple will create a unique random email. for you, and the email will be exclusive to that site or application.

We are still waiting for this to be implemented through the developers, but over time it will begin to see it more regularly.

Maps are renewed [19659068] iOS 13 Maps looks much better, even if everyone likes to hate it. Will it ever be better than Google Maps? No, probably not. But for people who want Apple's preloaded map application on iOS 13, it's much better.

  iOS 13 Apple Maps

360-degree visits to Apple Maps (Image Credit: Apple)

There is way More details here through Apple rebuilding maps from scratch. There are more realistic details for roads, beaches, parks and buildings, and now you can explore cities with a 360-degree 3D experience.

Favorites were already part of Maps, but iOS 13 makes these saved locations easier to navigate. with a touch, they appear at the top of a search menu. Sometimes, Google Maps on iOS does not do well (but it works better on Android). That is one reason to keep Apple Maps installed, even if you are a Google Maps person.

Formatting text in the email

The email is receiving some changes when writing an email with the correct format. You will have more control over font style, size, color, alignment, indentation and indentation, and numbered and bulleted lists.

What we really hope to see one day in iOS 13.1 or iOS 14 is the ability to insert a hyperlink into some text in an email. On iOS and Android devices, that is not possible in your default mail clients (which we have seen): you must paste long URLs, and that is not a computer, no matter what you call your operating system.

Connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the Control Center

This is huge, and we've been asking for it for several years. You can now select Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories directly from the Control Center.

Android has had this for years, and it was always convenient to connect to new Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth headphones without having to get away from your current application and dive into five submenus of Settings. Apple will finally arrive on iOS 13.

Support for Xbox One and PS4

If you're going to play games on your phone, you can also do it with one of the two best available controllers (and maybe something you already own).

Enter PS4 and Xbox One for iOS 13. Apple did not say if all games will support this or if it will be limited to Apple Arcade, but whatever the case, we are happy to be able to use our PS4 controller in all places where We sail

Silence unknown calls

Annoying spam calls drive us crazy every day, and iOS 13 wants to solve the problem with the help of Siri, who scans your Contacts, Mail and Messages to see if you've previously been in contact With the caller.

Mute unknown calls sounds pretty smart, if you don't expect commercial numbers to call you to work. Those who call you and are not on your & # 39; VIP list & # 39; staff will go directly to voicemail.

iOS 13 presents exclusive features for iPhone 11 phones

  • The buttons / wheel of the camera's user interface alternate between ultra wide angle and telephoto
  • Holding the shutter button captures the video (It is no longer for burst photos)
  • The front camera takes wide-angle selfies in landscape, 4K60fps video and & # 39; Slofies & # 39;

We thought we knew everything about iOS 13 in June, but it turns out that there were some new features geared towards recently announced iPhone 11 phones.

  iPhone 11 Pro Max

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Since the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are almost all about the new cameras, iOS 13 software Lends to the new ultra wide angle lens and special night mode.

It is assumed that the change between the camera lenses (two lenses on the iPhone 11 and three on the iPhone 11 Pro series) is perfect, with quick touches or a wheel to make the transition between zoom- approach perspectives and remoteness.

Holding down the family shutter button on iOS 13 begins recording video, similar to the Snapchat and Instagram user interface. Apple says its new phones offer the highest quality video on a smartphone, so it places great emphasis on how easy it is to record videos. On any other iPhone with iOS 13, press and hold the same shutter button captures burst photos.

The TrueDepth front camera of an iPhone 11 phone can capture wide-angle selfies when held in landscape orientation, and record videos at up to 4K60 fps. Before, we were all deprived of 1080p60fps selfie videos.

Surely it will be the wrath of all those over a thousand years old, you will begin to see & # 39; Slofies & # 39 ;. I love it or hate it (by name), this exclusive feature of iPhone 11 for iOS 13 captures epic slow motion videos from the front camera. It works best when you have long hair to capture on the move.

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