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Apple, along with macos Catalina and other products, announced the latest iteration of iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 keynote address in June this year. iOS 13 offers many changes and upgrades to iOS devices. Below

Dark Mode

The most noticeable design update on iOS 13 is the new Dark Mode. Similar to Dark Mode in macOS, it changes the appearance of the whole operating system brightly. You can choose to always use dark mode or schedule it to turn on at night / sunset or at custom time. Currently, all primary Apple applications support Dark Mode by default in iOS 13, and third-party developers provide this mode through updates.

  IOS 13 Dark Mode


Known as iPadOS, a separate operating system for iPad. iPadOS is a dedicated OS that provides improved iPad workflow and better performance. The home screen is redesigned and the widget is pinned on the left side of the screen. This is similar to the left mode screen found on the iPhone.

  IOS 13 Ipad Home Screen

Learn more about iPadOS

Better performance

All the successive iOS updates provide faster and more efficient performance. Apple claimed that app launch times were two times faster and that Apple updates and download times were down by up to 50 percent. Likewise, Face ID, which unlocks iPhone using the front camera on Apple's latest device, is 30% faster than before. Older iPhones usually get the same speed because older devices are usually slower due to iOS updates.

Photos and videos

Apple has released a modified photo app that offers new features intelligently organized. Complete library depending on day, month or year. This makes it easier to find and replay your favorite memories. Several basic functions have been added to the Portrait mode of the camera application, allowing you to vary the distance of light in your subject through vertical lighting adjustment. This allows you to create customized shapes based on what you are going to do. While editing a photo, you can conveniently view previous and previous versions of the photo, so you can see exactly how the effect of the photo is different from the photo.

  IOS 13 Photos

The main problem faced by video artists is that iOS 13, the default editing tool for video in iOS, allows you to rotate and crop the video to a minimum and apply the filter.

  IOS 13 Video Editing Tool


I received an overhaul of iOS 13 in the reminder. The new application design allows you to better analyze your work in color-coded sections for today, scheduled, all, and flagged categories. When using this app, the keyboard also has a quick toolbar that acts as a shortcut to quickly add time, date, location, flags, photos, and scanned documents.

  Ios 13 reminder app

Apple has Siri, Memoji and Messages.

"Find My" App

Apple has released a new "Find My" app similar to the ones introduced in macOS Catalina. New apps can find your device and friends with a faster interface by combining your Find Friends and Find My iPhone apps by default.

Likewise, if you want to go to Wi-Fi or your phone to find disconnected devices, Find My uses a crowd-based encrypted Bluetooth signal to locate it.


iOS 13 offers several updates to the Maps app. Junction View is designed to help you avoid the wrong direction. Transit schedules and flight information have also been added to your app.

  Tour of Ios 13

Tour is a new feature in the same app as Street View on Google. Look Around provides street levels in the surrounding area.

Privacy: Signing in from Apple

The new and noteworthy privacy policy change in iOS 13 is a new login option that bypasses Google and Facebook. Log in to Apple. This new feature allows you to sign in to an app that needs to be identified by an anonymous, random email from Apple that is delivered in real email. As a result, you can protect your personal data from being sent to third-party apps that are compromised.

  Log in with Apple

This sounds great, but make sure it works as intended. In addition, Apple has enhanced privacy on iOS 13. You'll see a background tracking alert for apps that can unknowingly record your location.

For a complete list of features, check out all of the new additions on Apple's website.

Supported Devices

Almost all iOS devices released in the last four years support iOS 13. Here is a list of supported devices:

  • iPhone SE

If you have an older version of the device, you must use iOS 12 before upgrading.

Release Date

iOS 13 will be officially released this fall, but it is most likely to be released in mid-September after all bugs have been fixed. This is likely to follow the iPhone launch event expected in September. The iOS 13 public beta program is now available to all users who want to show off their initials.

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