Invictus Heroes Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Invictus Heroes is a new role-playing game for mobile users by Plarium Global Ltd. Check out Invictus Heroes guides, tips, cheats and strategies.

Saga of Survival game creator Plarium Global Ltd. Announced a new turn based RPG Invictus Heroes. In this game, the player creates a hero squad to defeat the monster in extensive game mode. Aran (PvP, tournament, dual), adventure mode (mission) and so on. The game is a simple, novice friendly combat system that allows you to strategically play turns to steal victory by capturing enemies. We have put all the information on the Invictus Heroes game on today Invictus Hero Guide and Invictus Hero Tips, Tricks & Strategy. If you have any questions, please ask the comments below.

Invictus Heroes Game  Invictus Heroes

1. 4-Stars – You can acquire 4 stars at each stage of the adventure mode. Players can use the raid feature as soon as they get 4 stars. You need to repeat the stage several times to get four stars. When the player finishes the stage, the game rewards the mission points. Earning a certain number of mission points will earn you a star.

You can see the number of mission points needed to get one or more stars right under Stars -> Go to Mission Screen -> Tap Stage. Accumulate this star to disable the raid feature. With the Raid feature, you can enter the stage immediately.

2.) Magic Items – You can benefit from using magic items in combat. E.g; You can restore health, debuff items, mana regeneration, enhance buffs, and increase defense / damage. Go to Squad -> Tap Heroes -> Inventory -> From the bottom menu, tap + Button -> to go to the Magic tab. You can purchase this magic item. Use these items in your bandit battle.

3. Battle Basics There are three ways to attack an enemy during a battle. Normal attacks, spells and magic items. Mana is required to use spells or use magic items. Mana regenerates over time. After casting an order, you can hit the enemy to make a basic attack. You can add up to 5 heroes in combat. Three heroes in the front and two heroes in the second lane

4. Game Mode – The Invictus Heroes game has various game modes. This mode keeps the player busy and engages all the time. Let’s look at all game modes. –

  • Mission – You must summon a hero in this mode. You must summon the soul.
  • Tournaments – In this mode, you can choose another player’s squad and the top rankings (in this case, . Top rank owners get top rewards; Crystal
  • In duel-duel mode, fight with other players in real time. A victory in a battle rewards a small part of the opponent’s bet. If you are defeated, you will lose your bet. Rating, Gold, Crystal
  • Crusade Mode – The Temple is one of the challenging game modes in the InViThe Heroes game. This is because the character’s stats have been moved to the next battle in this mode. E.g; In the first phase of the battle, the character’s HP is reduced to 50% due to enemy attacks. In the next step, the character starts at 50% HP instead of 100%.
  • Boss Mode – reveals everything in the name. In this mode you will fight a powerful boss who uses magic spells to eliminate the squad several times. If you defeat the boss in this mode, many items are allowed. Gold, crystal.
  • Guild Crusader – In this mode all guilds will hurt the boss. Depending on the damage done by the player, the game rewards the ducats. Ducat is the name of the guild currency. You can contribute to Cornucopia for bonus rewards or purchase items at the guild shop.

This is the basis of Invictus Heroes. Strengthen your hero and learn how to rank your stadium, dominate the duel and boss battle.

Invictus Heroes – Heroes Guide

We divided this part into subsections.

Invictus How to Get Heroes Heroes

  • You need a hero’s soul to summon a hero.
  • You can get the hero’s soul in mission mode [19659009] Each character requires a certain number of souls.
  • Souls are also used to increase the state statistic of souls.

Go to the partition menu -> Tap the locked hero on the left side of the screen -> Fit down. There is a “Where To Find” option. How to improve your hero or strengthen your hero

  • Raise your hero’s level.
  • Insert high amulets.
  • Increase hero’s rating.
  • Upgrade your spells
  • Use spirits
  • Purchase items
  • Improve items

Increase hero level – There are various ways to raise hero level. The first free way is to play the mission mode step. If you win at this stage, your squad’s hero gains a tremendous amount of experience. The second way is to use potions. These potions fell off the chest. When defeating an enemy in battle, they turn into a heart. There are three types of potions: Small Elixir, Medium Elixir, Large Elixir. To use this potion, go to Squad -> Tap Heroes -> click the + icon in the upper left corner. Or press the Menu button -> Trophy -> Potion Options -> Tab.

Insert Charm – You can get Charm in Mission Mode. Amulets ranked in the rankings. Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3 or higher. E.g; Hero’s rank is 2. So you can only equip rank 2 amulets. Click Squad menu -> Amulet -> Slot -> Equipment. Lax Max Hero

Raise Hero rank – When all amulets are equipped, the assembly button is displayed. Collecting amulets will consume all amulets and increase hero’s rank. Rank heroes to increase your star level. You can see the star level in the upper left corner of the profile menu.

Upgrade Order – As you know, your order is also important. You can upgrade this spell by using a spell score. Spells will play over time. Tap Move to Squad -> Hero -> Spell -> + icon.

Stock – It is a place where you can buy gold for heroes and buy many things. (To increase armor) attack item, health item to increase HP, mana item to recover mana, more information, such as reading the basic parts above) and special items are included.

Item improvements – You can use gems to enhance items purchased from your inventory. You can manufacture jewelry in the workshop. Go to the Citadel -> Workshop -> Gem Selection -> Gem Order. To improve an item, tap the item menu (attack / armor) -> item.

Soul Use – In the first part of the Hero Guide we can summon a hero who has already mentioned that a soul is needed, as well as raise hero’s stats. Health, mana, damage, armor, accuracy and initiative. You can get souls from your mission. Go to the Soul tab on the hero’s profile page.

Invictus Heroes – Class Guide

All characters in the Invictus Heroes game belong to one of the following classes: –

Assassin – The Assassin type character inflicts enormous damage on the enemy compared to the protector and wizard type character.

Guardian – Guardian type characters have good HP statistics and defense statistics.

Mage – Wizard-style characters can heal allies, shock enemies, and shock allies.

Invictus Formation of hero’s ideal squad

Guardian type placement Hero of the first lane. Place an assassin or wizard type character in the back row. The Guardian character deals damage and protects backward alliances from damage. Put simply, the hero with the highest attack power in the first line and the best attacker / wizard in the second line.

Item Farming Guide – How to get everything for free

  • Fix – 2/3/4 Daily Quest, Mini Quest, Daily Rewards, Crusade Mode, Ranking in Tournaments, Boss Fight
  • (19659009)
  • Jewelery – Manufacture in the Workplace
  • Raid Ticket – Mini Quest
  • Tickets for Goods Transfer – Mini Quest
  • Charm – Mission
  • Repeat, complete the task, complete the quest (19659009) Unique Items (Essence / Artifact Mana) – Elite Chest, In Mission

Thus Invictus Hero Guide is a beginner.

Invictus Heroes Tips and Tricks: –

1.) At each step several times

At the beginning of the guide I mentioned the following: You can get 4 stars, one for each level. But in order to get 4 stars, you have to play several times on that stage. Also, if you get 2/3/4 stars, you will get crystals / diamonds. After acquiring 4 stars, you can use the raid feature. Use Stage -> Raid -> Raid Ticket. Once you complete the mini-quest, you can get a raid ticket. So we will encourage you to perform each step until you get 4 stars.

2) You must include a healed wizard.

The Invictus Heroes game has many Meiji class characters. Vorak, and Gran Ten. Some of these characters can heal allies in battle (heroic health recovery). E.g; Borak can cure all its allies in battle. We recommend that you include at least one healing wizard character. Go to Squad -> Tap Heroes -> in the lower left, you can see the hero’s attack type; Healing, Firebomb, Weapon, etc.

3.) Stronger Heroes

This is what you need to do when making advances in Invictus Heroes. Increase your hero by increasing levels, rank, inventory items, soul status, spell power, and more. A brief description of each effect is given in the Hero Guide section above.

4) Mounting Magic Items

Magic items are very helpful in difficult steps. E.g; Some magic items immediately heal alliances, apply debuffs (enemy damage, reduce armor), regenerate mana, and apply buffs (increase attack / defense). We recommend that you wear this equipment if you are staying on a particular stage. Please read the magic items guide above.

5). Complete quests, quests, mini-quests

When you finish your quests, you can gain EXP, crystals, diamonds and gold. Tap Menu -> Tasks / Quest. Also, complete transfer tickets, raid tickets, mini quests. Transfer of tickets? You can use this transfer ticket to transfer a hero’s item to another hero. Tap Squad -> Heroes -> Inventory -> Tap the item you own -> Switch (reload type) icon -> Transfer.

6) Please purchase your breasts

Soul, fragments, diamonds, and elixirs are from the chest. Go to the home screen – There will be a chest -> Tap lightly -> You can use gold or crystals to get your chest.

7.) End the battle

If you are too high for the enemy’s team, you can use this feature to complete your mission immediately. At the bottom right of the battle, tap the gear icon and end the battle.

Then it is the most important tip of the Invicta hero.

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