Introducing xPoints and xCredits on Get Into Pc

Today [xxxx] and [xCredits] are introduced in .

Converted Bronze, Silver and Gold tickets to xPoints in the future.

  • 1 Bronze Ticket = 10 x Points
  • Silver Ticket = 40 points
  • 1 Gold Ticket = 100 points

Complete the DOTA and PUBG missions and win the xPoints in the same way as winning the PUBG Battle . !

xCredits gives you the ability to participate in premium events! There are several ways to get xCredits. Winning PUBG and DOTA events to allow new users to join or purchase

New player FirstBlood .io After completing the first event, both new player and 50 player will receive 50xCredit.

Cash payments from are no longer supported today. If you have an existing balance, you can withdraw the entire amount or switch your balance to xPoints. FirstBlood hosts events where prize money is presented. Do not worry. We will work with other tournament organizers to facilitate these events.

Do not have a account? Sign up now and get 50xCredit at the premium event using the promotional code & # 39; LEVELUP & # 39;

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