Internet outages are getting more serious

The interface will be a holiday on Thursday (July 4th).

Facebook spent the last day before sending out long weekends like many people. It suddenly ended without the permission of the president regardless of his colleagues. Jake Kastrenakes reports:

There is a problem loading images, videos, and other data on Facebook today, and some users can not load photos into a Facebook newsfeed, view stories in Instagram, or send messages from WhatsApp. Facebook acknowledged the problem and said it was "trying to get it back to normal as soon as possible," and blamed the outage for failures during "routine maintenance".

The problem began to fade away after a few hours, according to DownDetector, which monitors ET website and app issues at around 8 am, which started around the issue. Errors do not affect all images. Many photos from Facebook and Instagram will still load, but others will be blank. DownDetector was notified on Facebook Messenger that people could not load messages.

The official explanation for the blackout is that the problem has been resolved because the day-to-day maintenance work mentioned above says "There has been a problem". Twitter's Direct Messaging feature has stopped working. Twitter did not actually reveal the cause of the DM problem.

In general, you can easily see the hidden parts of Facebook. Most notably, Facebook is a useful accessibility feature for the visually impaired, allowing users to get a glimpse of automatic captions created using machine learning. James Vincent wrote his tongue firmly on his cheek.

If you browse photos you've uploaded instead of holiday snaps or food and photos of your friends, you might find that "Images can include: people smiling, dancing, weddings, indoors," or " .

Simply put, this is the way your life looks at the computer. This is how Facebook AI judges you.

This year, social media outages were a frequent occurrence. In May, Facebook experienced its worst blackout. As colleague TC Sottek pointed out at the time, Facebook describes itself as an important infrastructure of modern society. That is, when a power outage occurs and the company fails to provide a generally opaque explanation.

Internet outages have proven to be more strategic. Myanmar's Rakhine State has blocked Internet access such as persistent ethnic conflicts, Hannah Beech and Saw Nang report. Social Media Termination

However, such a telecommunications ban could be designed to be applied to political opposition members, too. There is.

But this communication ban is needed to curb satire and rumors that cause online opposition to spark actual beasts. It can also specifically hurt vulnerable communities in disputed areas that could prevent conflicts via an Internet connection or inform abuse from a distance.

Every time a social network fails in the United States, Twitter jokes about the terrible discomfort we all have. (If the Twitter itself is not down, the conversation will loosen.)

But I wonder if the jokes will stop because the platform has more life. In the United States, Facebook falls and everyone is laughing. Myanmar is already in crisis.


Google and Facebook in the UK and UK are investigating the dominance of the advertising market

UK competitor Czar said that Google and Facebook are collecting personal information, Sweney reports:

Competition for online advertising and extensive research by market authorities will focus on Google and Facebook's two largest companies, "Google" and "Facebook" and "consumers are competent and willing."

Said that it would investigate concerns about how people are using their personal data.Facebook was criticized and scrutinized for the Cambridge scam data scandals and its role.Publication of "fake news" Whether it is good to provide Roy data to advertisers

TikTok is currently under investigation in the UK for data privacy.

The United States has already imposed a fine of $ 6 million on privacy in Byteance Amrita Khalid reported to the UK

TikTok deals with the safety and privacy of young users. British Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham announced on Tuesday that a popular short video app may have violated the GDPR rule, which GDPR rules suggest that technology companies have different rules for children

The Trumpfpev ad uses a model to show that the actual supporter of the video is a "

A series of Facebook video ads for the Donald Trump presidential campaign re-election will be held in Texas and Washington DC The bearded hip-hop actress in the shop is praising the president's voice.

" I could not ask for a better president. "The voice from the slow-motion scene is heard, a smiling blonde called" Tracey from Florida. " "I am a lifelong democrat, but I really have to keep the border," a Texas man named TJ said as he looked at the camera with his voice. [1 9659029] There is one problem. All of the people in the videos that have been running in the last few months are actually video videos that are made available in France, Brazil and Turkey, far away from the United States and available online for anyone to pay.

] China is forcing tourists to install malware at the border

This week to confirm that the Chinese government is requiring tourists to install malware to download text messages, calendar entries and phone records Five publishers have teamed up amongst other shady actions. Joseph Cox reports:

Authorities A large-scale surveillance campaign (19459025) and a kidney area that is oppressing the local Muslim population. Foreigners who cross certain Chinese borders must install malware. The motherboard, Ruddotzektung, Protector, The New York Times, and the German public broadcaster NDR have found a cell phone that provides authorities with text messages and other data.

Malicious code installed when the Android Border Guard physically seizes a phone searches for a specific set of files on a tourist or tourist device. Authoritative files include not only the content of Islamic extremists, but innocuous Islamic materials, researcher-led Islamic journals, and even music from Japanese metal bands.

Google and Facebook make millions of dollars roaming Africa with tremendous submarine cable Online

Yomi Kazeem reports on the progress of a large-scale ocean-based infrastructure project led by a large technology company.

Facebook is reportedly planning a submersible cable "Simba" (named after the Lion King cartoon character). The continent landed on several shores. The social media tycoon resembles a submarine cable project launched in Europe and Asia. It is not clear whether Facebook will partner with African carriers, especially for funding.

Google's underwater cable plan is much better. It confirmed the construction plan for the cable connecting Portugal and South Africa. The first phase is scheduled to be completed by 2021. A new cable named Equiano (after the 18th century Nigerian writer and closureist Olaudah Equiano), the most recent project has been deployed in this region and will be the first in Nigeria-Africa's largest Internet market.

Computer security training is threatened by YouTube 's "hacking" of educational hacking

Adi Robertson is on YouTube' s educational hacking and phishing & # 39; "Some Channels Only" for Prohibition

Kinzie and others on Twitter can help prevent illegal behavior, but it is not only harmful news for those who research computer security, but also for those who are interested in hacking and hacking I can do that. Phishing trick. Hacking techniques are often used illegally, but they do not have to be illegal. They are run by many legitimate researchers and computer system testers. YouTube has a prohibition similar to teaching stolen technology, but it is less popular and more a hobby than learning about computers.

The most important YouTube today is Emma Chamberlain

Taylor Lorenz describes a young woman avoiding formalism. The result is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube.

The world's most known infected teenagers do not airbrush pictures. She does not have a team of editors and photographers called "plandids," who aspire to follow her. In fact, she does not aspire to her life at all. In many videos she seems to have just been rolled out before. bed. Emma Chamberlain seems to avoid makeup, sometimes skipping a shower, and not worrying if she looks strange or the camera does not shake. Other YouTube stars like Jake, Logan Paul, Bethany Mota, and Lele Pons rely on hyper-produced stage video using bright preview images and clickbait titles, while Chamberlain uses low- Post your blog and use color schemes and lowercase titles

All of this got you about 8 million YouTube subscribers at 18, and 7.4 million Instagram followers within 2 years. According to the company, the YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing channels in the United States. The analytics site SocialBlade estimates that Chamberlain can earn nearly $ 2 million in advertising revenue on YouTube videos alone.

I mourn people who come to the Facebook support group. Then a hacker appeared.

Neil Vigdor and Laura M. Holson are worried about what happened when an unauthorized person took over a popular grief support group on Facebook.

Moderators A screaming rude man with more than 50,000 followers said on May 9 that an unidentified hacker broke his account on May 9 for the first time.

The hacker posted a picture of a child with a damaged shape and a rescue video of a person. Most of the posts were deleted by the page's moderator, including burning vehicles, graphical images of medical conditions, and other confusing content. TikTok is the new Tumblr.

Joseph Longo says more and more teenagers are appearing on the Tik Tok. The secret to the Chinese government to know!

"Many LGBT + teens are attracted to the app," says Peter. "It's an online community full of diverse factions, pandas, and diverse groups, so you really can not go wrong."

"TikTok is not able to express us more openly because the majority of our parents do not know about it. "Says Carol, 17, from Connecticut.

Twitter forces spyware to watch your girlfriend

Joseph Cox today's Twitter whoopsie:

This week twitter advertised spyware about his spouse using sponsored tweets. Advertising has been proposed to be able to monitor without the consent of the subject. It is illegal in the United States to use spyware in this way.

This news is often known as the store or spyware company that sells consumer spyware.

A tough process to leave QuitMormon and the Church

Lauren Larson has a fantastic online community that helps people leave the Mormon Church (officially called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Popular subdocuments:

Joseph started out as a questioner. He has deeply read the essay and has studied the material of the nonprofit FairMormon, which provides a faithful answer to the criticism of the LDS Church. But when he asked the church without interrupting his faith, he felt like he was doing "mental gymnastics." Like many of the Mormons who doubted, he went to Reddit. In particular, he began to emerge as a subordinate of the Mormon sanctuary "exmormon", which closely observes the teachings of the Church. There are more than 123,000 members in Subredit, and perhaps the purest representation of the Internet as a "resource". Members come to share questions (logistics and philosophy) and share beer recommendations for beginners (most active Mormons do not drink (19659061)

Facebook open source DLRM, deep learning recommendation Model



David Marcus answers questions about Libra for the following reasons: Why?

19659067] Getting closer to the world gives people the opportunity to provide tools and communicate, but now people can send texts, videos, photos, etc. to each other, but in many cases, You can not. Strengthening our economic power is one of our core values, and 90 million companies based on the Facebook platform can prove this. We have put a lot of effort into democratizing unlimited communications for billions of people for free. We want to do the same for digital money and financial services with one major difference. This time we will give up control over the networks and calls we make. If Libra is successful, Facebook benefits first by enabling more commerce throughout its family first. If you have a lot of commerce, your ads are more effective, and you'll buy more ads to grow your business. Over time, as people get their trust in Calibra wallets, they will be in a position to provide more financial services and generate other revenue streams for their companies.

And finally …

Why LinkedIn

Sal Rodriguez reports that people do not care enough about LinkedIn to remember to block their exes there.

After about a year she realized she had a social network. She missed it. She logged on to her LinkedIn and saw her previous job just resigned.

Boat, 33, and assistant cadre of Los Angeles said, "I did not know that I did not stop him until I got a notice." I told the Facebook messenger on CNBC, "At that point, I went ahead. "

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