Internet imbeciles, aka British ISP lobbyists, backtrack on dubbing Mozilla a villain for DNS-over-HTTPS support

The Association of Internet Service Providers (ISPA) has backed down on its appointment of Mozilla as an "Internet villain" by 2019 after the online protest.

"In the 21 years that the event has been running, it's probably fair to say that no other nomination has generated such a strong opinion," the UK-based lobbying organization Bonkers said in a publication on Tuesday. the decision to eliminate the villainy of the open source team.

"The villain category is destined to attract attention to an important theme in a joyful way," the unfortunate fools explained, "but this year it has clearly sent the wrong message, one that does not reflect the genuine desire of ISPA to participate in a constructive dialogue, therefore, ISPA is withdrawing the Mozilla nomination and Villain Internet category this year. "

The staff of the association of magnets of disappointment (ja, kidding, ISPA, just a little cheerful fun) decided that the decision of Mozilla to improve the overall security of the Internet by adopting the DNS standard over HTTPS ( DoH) was worthy of contempt, though that contempt of good heart, and used his annual awards "Internet Heroes and Villains" to highlight his mistaken opposition to the idea. 19659002] DoH works through DNS searches, which convert, say, user-friendly domain names like into IP addresses that your browser can use to reach our web servers, through encrypted HTTPS connections to servers DNS provided by users such as Cloudflare and Google, without going through the ISP.

By channeling these translations through secure connections, the searches seem indecipherable to the networks they cross, such as that of their broadband provider. Therefore, these networks will have difficulties in monitoring which sites they browse, when using DNS over HTTPS, due to encryption.

For example, if you set up your system to use the Cloudflare DoH service and visit a Cloudflare- the site hosted on HTTPS, like The Reg your ISP will only see outgoing connections to Cloudflare and you will have no idea of what you are browsing: in this case, The Reg .


When it comes to DNS over HTTPS, it is an excess of privacy, concerns the child-holding watchdog in the UK


It should also be possible to make sure that no one is tampering with the DoH queries due to the use of cryptography in HTTPS.

However, this privacy protection technology has proven to be controversial, despite the clear need for a more secure protocol, largely because many organizations rely on manipulation, espionage or manipulation of insecure DNS bog standard, and netizens who move to DoH are proving harmful.

British intelligence services are particularly unhappy with DoH, as it is feared that it is more difficult to spy on people's Internet traffic. And the police have complained about the "unintended consequences" that the navigators implementing the new protocol might have in the investigations.

Meanwhile, the systems installed by the ISPs to filter Brits web traffic are, at least to some extent, still dependent on DNS. Searches remain unencrypted and observable. This is because DNS inquiry and filtering are easy, while spying on DNS through HTTPS is not, and broadband providers would prefer the easy route.

This is the crux of the matter: ISPs, the police and the GCHQ are not pleased that they have to work harder to block or spy on connections because people are using DNS over HTTPS.

"As technology evolves, including through new technical protocols, such as DNS over HTTPS, the ability of ISPs to implement technical measures could be substantially reduced," said ISPA President Andrew Glover, early on. this year.

The UK government successfully lobbied the nation's largest Internet providers to block connections to online pornography, unless subscribers withdrew from the filter. DoH would help punters avoid such blockages, overblocking and other types of censorship, although ISPs may try to use intensive techniques such as deep packet inspection to control some web activities. Once again, they prefer to monitor their insecure DNS traffic.

DNS-over-HTTPS will also allow people to dodge DNS level blocks in illegal material, such as images of child sexual abuse and obscene criminal things.

to the cheerful Japanese

As the establishment's lackeys, ISPA sided with the government and spy agencies on the security and privacy of broadband subscribers, and tried to intimidate Mozilla to maintain the Unsafe things. The non-profit organization Moz was not even going to do DoH by default in Firefox for Britons; the simple fact of adding the mere option was enough to send the losers of ISPA to a tizzy. (Hey, it's just a happy joke, friends).

It is a sign that, as always, the lobbyists quickly forget what they should do and become part of the power apparatus, exchanging favors and pressing the positions of others. to get what they want. (We're just kidding with you, ISPA, it's cheerful).

  A villainous fox

DoH! Secure DNS does not make us villains, Mozilla tells broadband providers in the UK


As far as we can tell, the ISB ego of crybaby is so fragile, it could not accept that it would have been stupid, to withdraw the fake prize, and to apologize: no, as a petulant teenager who can not admit that he was wrong (just joking, again, happy and all that), he filed his complaints about DNS-over-HTTPS in his " excuse".

No one was willing to take responsibility for the decision, nor its president Andrew Glover, nor any of its board members Sky, Virgin Media, BT or Verizon. The message was posted online anonymously by some coward (just kidding).

Nor has he added a new villain to his list to replace Mozilla. The only other two candidates are the Copyright Directive of Article 13, and that paragon of all things mature and reasoned, President Donald Trump.

We have a suggestion for the real villain of the Internet: how is the ISPA? For being unable to resist the use of what used to be a fun and distracting prize with a useful purpose, and turn it into another tedious cynical exercise by organizations with too much money and power to push their agenda.

ISPA is another warm part of sloppy garbage floating in the toxic hell soup of the modern Internet that has made the 2010s so sad and boring at times. Ah, oops, there we go again, we are all happy and that. ®

Balance consumerization and corporate control.

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