Intel debuts Comet Lake processors for laptops and tablets

Intel has just detailed a large number of new processors (CPUs) in its tenth generation of Intel Core hardware. These include Intel Comet Lake U and Y series processors for laptops and 2-in-1 tablets.

In addition to major updates, such as increased performance, the hardware also comes with support for a number of additional features, such as Modern network capabilities and improved graphics.

New Intel U-series chips

Front and center in the announcement are the powerful new Intel U-series mobile processors in the Comet Lake family. These are still based on a 14-nanometer (nm) process, unlike the other Intel family of 10-generation mobile processors, Ice Lake, but Intel is configuring them to deliver higher performance without losing battery. energy budgets

The new chips have a thermal design power threshold (TDP) of 7 watts (W) and 15W, although device manufacturers can use configured CPUs up to 25W.

The new tenth-generation Intel Core Mobile processors will feature up to six cores and 12 threads, up to 12 MB of low latency cache and maximum boost rates of up to 4.9 GHz. The chips will also support up to four Thunderbolt 3 ports ( USB-C), DDR4-2666 memory and the latest Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for speeds greater than Gigabit.

Intel claims an increase of up to 16% in overall performance over the 9th-generation U-series processors, and more than double the five-year hardware performance.

Here are the new Comet Lake CPUs of the U series in its entirety:

  • Intel Core i7-10710U – 6 cores, 12 threads | 12 MB cache | 1.1GHz base / 4.7GHz boost
  • Intel Core i7-10510U – 4 cores, 8 threads | 8 MB cache | 1.8GHz base / 4.9GHz boost
  • Intel Core i5-10210U – 4 cores, 8 threads | 6 MB cache | 1.6GHz base / 4.2GHz boost
  • Intel Core i3-10110U – 2 cores, 4 wires | 4 MB cache | 2.1GHz base / 4.1GHz boost

New Intel Y-series chips

For particularly thin laptops (and many Windows 2-in-1 tablets) focused less on performance and more on efficiency and portability through of fanless cooling solutions, the Comet Lake Y-series processors are also updated. The most notable update here is the introduction of quad-core processing to Intel's fanless CPU design.

Starting with the i5 parts, these Y-series CPUs consist of four cores and eight threads, but have much lower TDP, reaching 4.5W. This allows the design of laptops and tablets 2 in 1 without any fan to cool the interior.

All of these processors have low-start watches, but can increase to more than 4 GHz in a single core to deliver higher performance as needed. This may be good, but these chips still cannot be compared with Intel U-series parts in terms of improved performance.

Here are the new CPUs of the Y Comet Lake series as a whole:

  • Intel Core i7-10510Y – 4 cores, 8 threads | 8 MB cache | 1.2GHz base / 4.5GHz boost
  • Intel Core i5-10310Y – 4 cores, 8 threads | 6 MB cache | 1.1GHz base / 4.1GHz boost
  • Intel Core i5-10210Y – 4 cores, 8 threads | 6 MB cache | 1.0GHz base / 4.0GHz boost
  • Intel Core i3-10110Y – 2 cores, 4 wires | 4 MB cache | 1.0GHz base / 4.0GHz boost

These new Comet Lake CPUs are expected to appear on more than 90 laptops and 2-in-1 tablets for this year's holiday season. Expect to see TechRadar reviews of Intel Comet Lake devices in the coming months.

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