Intel and Qualcomm reportedly join Google in Huawei ban

The bad weekend of Huawei is getting worse as the company's US suppliers are in line with a decree from the US government. UU That forbids them from doing business with the company. Bloomberg now reports that Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, three of the world's leading chip designers and suppliers, are cutting ties with Huawei, with immediate effect. This follows the previous news that Google abruptly terminated Huawei's Android license and stopped its access to Google Play Services and Play Store, eliminating the smartphone market with Android and forcing the Chinese company to develop its own version on the open source barebone Android edition.

According to Bloomberg sources, employees of the major chip manufacturers in the US. UU They have been informed that their companies will freeze their supply agreements with Huawei until further notice. Intel provides Huawei with server chips and processors for its line of laptops, while Qualcomm holds a less prominent place in the supply of modems and other processors. Huawei is quite well insulated from the impact of Qualcomm, as it builds its own processors and mobile modems. Another Bloomberg report suggests that Huawei has also been preparing for this event by storing chips from US suppliers. UU To last at least three months, which should be enough to know if the current measure is a scare tactic or a permanent imposition by the US government. UU

Huawei has also been developing internal alternatives to Android and Windows, specifically to try to address a situation like this. Microsoft has not yet commented if it will continue to provide the Windows operating system for Huawei laptops, but most likely also respect the orders of the US government. UU

The effort of the US government UU a long time, and the company was unceremoniously rejected last year in its effort to enter the US phone market. UU The current escalation is part of an increasingly hostile trade dispute between the Trump administration and the Chinese government, where the former tries to force a renegotiation of the commercial relationship between the two.

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