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Insect Evolution is a new iOS and Android game that starts with a small insect, where your goal is to gain experience and grow and evolve by eating insects of the same and lower levels. You can evolve in 12 different levels, starting from a small level 1 insect to a huge level 12 monster.

You can also unlock different hard modes complete with different backgrounds and character designs, and take on whole new challenges in the process.

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Read our guide to insect evolution!

You usually start at level 1, but initially you have the option to rotate the slots to start at a higher level. Every time the slot spins, you need to watch a commercial video. If you get 3 identical types, you start with that type, and if you get 3 different types, you still start at level 1. You can rotate it back to another video.

Move fast and avoid all bugs that are level higher than you. All worms of the same or lower level can be eaten. The higher the level, the more experience you can get.

You can’t eat it when you complete it until level 12, but there are goals you need to complete. Keep eating all bugs until you fully complete level 12. This will unlock the machine level, one of the two hard modes in the game.

The other hard mode is the Radiation mode, which has its own character design and is medium difficulty. All you have to do is watch the three advertising videos. Tap a level link to start one of the videos. Once the video is complete, you can play it in radiation mode.

You can collect various power-ups in Insect Evolution as long as you are below level 10. Shamrock triples the experience points you get from each worm you eat, and pills temporarily upgrade to level 12. Bombs remove all bugs on the screen at the same time, and mushrooms instantly upgrade to the next level.

All of these power-ups must have ad video enabled except for Shamrock. If you want to avoid ads, avoid all these power-ups except Shamrock. However, the experience points you earn may be worth the video.

If you want to get rid of all ads, put your phone or tablet into airplane mode or turn off both cellular data and Wi-Fi before opening a game. Without a data connection, random ads cannot be loaded. You can’t even collect mushrooms or bombs, so the game goes faster, but with a slightly higher difficulty.

It is oriented towards the center of the screen so that it is not easily eaten. Playing next to the screen risks being eaten by larger bugs before they appear, but staying in the center of the screen allows you to see bugs coming before they come. you.

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