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Infinity Kingdom is a MMORTS game for Android and iOS by Youzu Singapore Ltd. Read our Infinity Kingdom guides, tips, cheats and strategies.

Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats Strategy

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Mobile game publisher Youzu, best known for their Light of Thel games, recently released a new MMORTS game called Infinity Kingdom to their mobile app store. In the game, players from all over the world build and expand the realm of their dreams. You will play as the master of the kingdom. There are three kingdoms to choose from, depending on the current version of the game: Ydvia, Vitas and Ruslan.Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats Strategy

You can join one of these kingdoms at the beginning of the game. Depending on the kingdom you choose, you will join an alliance. E.g; If you choose Ydvia Kingdom, you cannot join Vitas Kingdom Alliance or Ruslan Kingdom Alliance. We recommend choosing Ydvia Kingdom, which offers rewards and VIP points. If you are just starting out with this game, you are on the right page. This Infinity Kingdom guide covers the basics of the game. We’ve also shared Infinity Kingdom guides, tips, tricks, and strategies that you may like. So, without further ado, let’s check out our main guide with lots of tips and tricks.

Infinity Kingdom Guide: Tips & Strategies⇓

First thing to do – In Infinity Kingdom, you become a lord who has to manage all kinds of kingdom activities related to attack and defense. Attacking means you need to keep focusing on gaining more power to defeat your enemies in both PvE and PvP modes. It’s closer to PvP than PvE, so you should always focus on getting stronger.

Defensive means that you need to improve your kingdom’s defenses to avoid being looted by other players. Players or lords can attack each other to loot items. In addition to attacking and defending, you should also focus on economic strength. You’ll learn all about the kingdom’s buildings, resource production, technology, and more, and go through all the tips and tricks of the Infinity Kingdom in this guide.

Infinity Kingdom Guide to Raising the Power of the Kingdom⇓

The first thing you need to know in the Infinity Kingdom game is how to get stronger. There are a few things you can focus on every day and gradually build your best kingdom. Here are the best ways to make your kingdom more powerful. –

Train your troops regularly. – You can train soldiers by pressing the Soldier Helmet button on the left center of the game screen. The more armies you have, the more powerful your kingdom will be.

technology – In the kingdom’s academy building, you can increase the growth rate by investing resources in attack, defense, and economy fields, and by conducting technology research. Continue to research and improve the power of your kingdom

building – The kingdom has many buildings and facilities that you can build and upgrade. Each building in the kingdom affects the power of the kingdom as a whole. Continue to build and upgrade to increase the power of your kingdom.

immortal – Immortals are heroes sent to attack players or loot resources. Upgrade to get more immortals and increase the power of your kingdom.

road talent – When you level up in the game, you get lord talent points. Use your talent points for buffs and activate your lord talent.

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Guide to Getting Immortals in Infinity Kingdom⇓

Immortality can be obtained from the Hall of Immortality building. There, you can use a Philosopher’s Stone or Gem to summon an Immortal. You also get free summons every day. You can get Immortals or his/her shards. If you have enough shards, go to the Immortal’s Collect menu and fuse them to summon them. A Philosopher’s Stone is obtained from the chest obtained at the completion of the daily.

Learn about Immortals⇓

There are several types of Immortals in Infinity Kingdom. cavalry, spearmen, archers, shieldmen. Every immortal in the game has unique abilities and powers. Some immortals excel at inflicting damage, protecting armies, and supporting troops, while some have unique CC skills. Go to the immortal menu -> immortal tab -> the screen will show immortals. At the bottom you can see the roles/types/elements. Supporter, Range, Mage, Archer, Shieldman, etc.

To get the most out of your immortal skills, you need to use them strategically. Read their skills to know their power.

Read this guide on Immortals to learn more.

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Level up immortals to increase your soldier capacity ⇓

To transport more troops on your march, you must level up the Immortals who lead them. Go to immortality menu -> press immortality -> press + button next to level bar -> use experience roll to grant experience. As they level up, the immortal gains more attributes. power and army.

After selecting Phoenix in the Phoenix menu, you can check the information on the right side of the screen. The higher the Immortal’s troop capacity, the more troops it can carry. The higher the army, the higher the load (the amount of resources that can be looted from enemy kingdoms or resource warehouses).

Go to Troop Management Screen -> Here you can add units and immortals.

Dragon Cave in Infinity Kingdom ⇓

When you reach castle level 8, you can access the Dragon Cave. Here you can hatch dragon eggs and upgrade your dragons. You need a Dragon Soul Crystal to hatch the egg. Get the Dragon Soul Crystal at the market or by starting a rally against the boss.

A guide to training more troops at once⇓

You need to upgrade your barracks to train more troops at once. Barracks can be found in the kingdom. Shields, archers, cavalry, spearmen. Tap the Soldier Helmet button in the middle left of the game screen to start your army training.

Continue to hone in Infinity Kingdom⇓

Go to the map and you will find many resources such as crops, trees, stones and iron. Send troops and immortals to gather these resources. Click the Search button and select the resource type. arable land, logging, iron ore deposits, etc.

Kill Monsters – Need Equipment for Immortality? Defeat Tyrant, Balan, and Locke on the map.

Raid in Well of Time⇓

Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats StrategyWell of Time is a PvE game mode where you progress through stages. You can get gems, upgrade materials, experience rolls, and many other items. Some stages of completing 3 stars in this game mode can be repeated. Stage -> Raid -> Tap to instantly reward. You can only raid stages that have been completed with 3-star milestones.

Increase defense of Infinity Kingdom⇓

wall -> garrison -> assign immortals. Build a fortress wall -> fortification -> improve your defense. Apart from that, there are several skills that can be researched in the academy to improve the defenses of the kingdom.

Get free resources from the Fountain of Wishes⇓

Pray at the Fountain of Wishes to get free resources.

Join the Active Kingdom Alliance⇓

Alliance members help speed up deployment, upgrades, and technology research. You can also get alliance gifts, skill bonuses, support, support, and more. So join an active Kingdom Alliance.

Growth quest progress⇓

You can check the mission above the menu button at the bottom right. Mission Button (Pyramid) -> Growth -> As a beginner, focus on these quests and proceed wisely.

Complete daily missions⇓

Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats StrategyCompleting daily missions will give you speed-ups, experience points, gold, resources, gems, and a Philosopher’s Stone. Therefore, it must be completed every day.

Receive VIP Points and Chests⇓

Tap the VIP button next to your profile avatar in the top left corner. -> You can get free chests and points every day. VIPs offer passive perks.

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So this is all in this post about the Infinity Kingdom guide for beginners. If you have more Infinity Kingdom tips, cheats and tricks, comment below.

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