Infamous 2 Game Review PS3

The two words are “explosive” and “ruthless” when you tell them to tell you the latest version of Suker Punch and the 2009 sequel of Smash in a single word. Cole MacGrath comes back from a sequel called Infamous 2, which is much bigger, stronger, more intense than before, and this time the enemies are even more deadly.

Infamous 2 Game Review for PS3

Infamous 2 outperforms its predecessors in all sections and departments, whether it’s gameplay, graphics, visuals, or melee combat. If Suker Punch added more to the game, Infamous 2 could easily reach the “CLASSIC” state. It is the first “online multiplayer” because there are other superpower characters in the series and PS Mover support. The infamous 2 is still a big, fun game and eager for a third installment.


The most important part of the infamous franchise is the gameplay story. The first game story was fun, but the sequel makes the player expect the next piece of the puzzle and fits the environment perfectly. Militia and their leaders existed as part of the actual gameplay story as well as in the game, but in the original game the enemies were gangs belonging to different conduits.

A notorious second floor kick starts shortly after the first match. Cole MacGrath has made alliances with new friends, and now he can search Blast Cores on the new Marais to destroy the “The Beast” in the franchise’s last game sequel. Through all the stories the missionaries have completed, they are closer and closer to the “Beast”.

In short, the most important part of Infamous 2 game is the story, because we will spoil the party for everyone without revealing more details about the story.

All presentations

The original game of the infamous franchise did not look very well, and as a result, it had less impact on fans. Suker Punch has worked hard to improve graphics in the sequel to compete with the best products in the market. It is clear that the Infamous 2 is more colorful and the draw distance has increased greatly. The gamer will still have a fuzzy effect on the background. However, you can hide the lack of details on distant buildings.

Infamous 2 clearly demonstrated the talent of Suker Punch, but it was not long before developers realized that their game required real-world insight in the graphics and visual departments to compete with today’s standards.

Fun never ends

The fun of Infamous 2 game never ends. There is not enough work to do. The side missions work in a similar way as before and allow reclamation of territories in the New Mare area. Once you have successfully completed a side mission in the game, you earn points and recapture the enemy’s map area on top of it. Developers have added a new feature called “UGC” to Infamous 2, which contributes to the number of missions available.


Infamous 2’s UGC feature is very easy to use. The best part is that you do not need to know anything about in-game editors. Infamous 2’s UGC is just an advanced tool as well as a basic tool that players can use to establish and customize customized missions. Players can share their newly created missions online and receive feedback from other players.

A UGC-enabled player’s mission is not as complicated or scripted as the in-game mission, but allows gamers to increase their thinking power, and this new feature is a new way for gamers to immerse themselves in the game. In other words, through the UGC, developers have made OpenWorld games an open experience.

Melee combat improvement of Infamous 2 Game

Suker Punch completely redesigned the melee combat in the infamous 2. The melee system of the first game was not at its best, and Cole, the protagonist, felt like he could not fly as he hoped to somehow attack the enemy. The new combat style of Infamous 2 is much more meaningful and more satisfying than previous games.

The bad thing

One thing fans and critics did not like in the first game was Cole McGrath’s jokes and overly sensitive movements. However, this problem still persists in the infamous 2, but it is not a big part. The movement of the sequel’s Cole has been streamlined and now moves up the street, the roof top, and the moving wall like a fluid.

Frame rate

The frame rate of Infamous 2 is still struggling here and there, but the developer has optimized it and it does not slow down when compared to Infamous. Overall, Suker Punch did a great job with Infamous 2 game in terms of both action and storytelling. Gameplay has seen minimal change, but Cole’s new capabilities and capabilities rejuvenate the overall experience.

New Mare City is huge compared to Empire City. The player therefore explores a large area. Suker Punch has solved all the problems of the original game, and the final product “Infamous 2” should not be missed by the PS3 owners.

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