India joins EU in investigating Google over Android antitrust concerns

India reported ordering an investigation into Google for Android antitrust issues, according to a report from Reuters . The Competition Commission of India (CCI) began exploring the issue last year before making a decision in April to begin a full investigation.

Details on the actual investigation are scarce since the ICC order for a full investigation has not been made public. It occurs immediately after a similar investigation in the EU that led to a fine of $ 5 billion for the Internet giant, which claimed that Google was using the domain of Android and the Play Store to unfairly drive the search for Google in the competitors. Google also received a fine of 2.7 billion dollars from the EU for violating antitrust laws in 2017 by manipulating the search results of purchases and a $ 1.7 billion anti-trust fine for AdSense contracts earlier this year.

Following Google's fine search, Google has promised to offer Android users in Europe clearer options for browsers and search engines on their devices. At this time, it is not clear if CCI's investigation is exploring the same problem or if the commission has different antitrust concerns related to Google's mobile operating system. It is possible that Google will enact similar policies in India, depending on the results of the investigation.

For now, however, there is not much to do but wait. Reuters notes that the investigation will take approximately one year to fully investigate.

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