Images of slim-bezel Surface, 15-inch Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7 leak online


Microsoft is having a hard time keeping things secret before its event planned for October 2. The marketing material for the new Surface devices has leaked online this morning, as well as the SKUs and product descriptions for the new Surface products, but now there is more.

Some official-looking representations of a radically redesigned new Surface, as well as a 15-inch Surface Laptop 3, and the Surface Pro 7 has just leaked online. The latest leaks come from the famous filter Even Blass on Twitter . Although his Twitter account is now private, he provided his existing followers with some official-looking images of some Microsoft products that we thought could be revealed this week during the Microsoft event.

In case you don't follow it, we've captured the images of your tweets and included them below. This is what we have gathered about the devices.

Surface based on ARM

First, there is a new Surface device, which we assume may be the Surface based on ARM, which is rumored to have a code name like Excalibur. From these images, the previous reports of the French blog FrAndroid have apparently been confirmed.

We can see that the bezels of this device have been significantly thinned to resemble the appearance of an iPad Pro. The side bezels and the upper bezels are now almost tiny, and the support foot is also still there. We can also see two USB-C ports and no Surface Connect. A new Surface Pen also seems to be in the images, and seems to be much flatter than the pen of the current generation and is similar to the design of a Galaxy S Pen.

There also seems to be a new Type Cover to accompany this new surface. As Neowin points out, there could also be a place on the keyboard for the Surface Pen to engage while the device is closed, although it's hard to tell. Of course, it is also noteworthy the black color, which seems to resemble the color option for Surface Pro 6. Last year, the overall thinness of the device also looks impressive from these photos, taking it to an iPad level. That may be due to the choice of the new Snapdragon 8cx chipset instead of Intel, but we're just guessing.

Surface Pro 7

Then, there is the Surface Pro 7. As much as we expected, it seems that it was not greatly modified with respect to the Surface Pro 6. last year. The bezels appear to be the same, as well as the support foot and the surface keyboard. The only difference would be the ports on the device itself. Now there seems to be the addition of a single USB-C port, as well as a USB-A port. Surface Connect is still there, and it seems that Mini Displayport is finally gone.

15-inch Surface Laptop 3

Third, on the list of leaks is the Surface Laptop 3. From these images, the Surface Laptop now comes close to looking like a MacBook Pro. It seems that Microsoft has significantly redesigned both the keyboard like the touchpad and you are no longer using the Alcatrana material that made the Surface laptop unique. The device ports are difficult to distinguish, but there seems to be Surface Connect on the left. Even Blass did not provide images on the right side. But, we can safely assume that Alcantara has now gone in favor of magnesium.

13-inch Surface Laptop 3

Finally, there is the 13-inch Surface Laptop 3. Like the 15-inch Surface Laptop, the Alcatarna The material is gone. The keyboard and trackpad also appear to have been redesigned accordingly.

The unknowns

In his Tweets, Blass indicates that the dual-screen Surface PC is not represented. This means that Blass could not have filtered all the surprises. There could be a little more to come, including an explanation of what chipset is inside these new Surface devices. We are about 2 days from the event now, so expect more. Until then, here is a look at what we can expect.

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