Ikea’s new speakers are the most affordable way to get Sonos in your home

Sonos and Ikea begin their long term partnership in August. Next month, Symfonisk table lamp speakers ($ 179) or Symfonisk bookshelf speakers ($ 99) can be purchased from local Ikea or home furnishings store websites. These devices can not be purchased directly from third-party retailers such as Best Buy or Sonos. They look at IKEA from the outside, but they both integrate seamlessly with other products inside the company, such as Sonos One, Beam, Play: 5, Play:

The goal of the Symfonisk series is to place speakers in places that are not where you want to scream, such as gadgets gadgets (eg, bedrooms). If you have a partner (even a speaker) who wants to keep up with the technology, you can better adapt to the idea of ​​a lamp designed by Ikea, which performs twice as much with great sound.

The bookshelf speaker is well, much like a speaker. But when you leave the door, you will be the cheapest Sonos speaker. It is a big problem in itself. Do Ikea and Sonos' new tag teams meet their potential? They have a good start with two debut products that are easily worthy if they appeal to a design sense.

Fully integrated with Ikea's Tradfri smart home platform and Home Smart app. When Ikea's smart blinds are finally released in October, you can set up automatic scenes that include Symfonisk speakers. So the blinds come up in the morning and the lights turn on and the music starts to play automatically.

Symfonisk table lamp speaker

It is a lamp with play. This is actually the best way to summarize Sonos / Ikea table lamp speakers. The internal components are not exactly the same as Play: 1 or Sonos One, but Sonos is the speaker that Sonos modeled the audio performance of the lamp.

If you look at the fabric as a whole, you might think that the lamp speaker outputs a 360 degree sound from Apple's HomePod. not really! Its driver is frontal launch, and Ikea and Sonos have tried to make sure you put music control precisely by setting the front and center. When the power cord is plugged in, it is discharged from the back of the lamp. Placing it in the wrong direction will be pretty obvious.

We found that the trio of physical buttons was far less than Sonos' flat touch-sensitive control area on their loudspeakers. Symfonisk does not have a built-in microphone, so you need Google Home or Amazon Echo to start a playlist with your voice hands-free. However, do includes Apple's AirPlay 2, so if you're using an iPhone or iPad, you can use Siri to play your music and use a variety of music source options beyond the services that Sonos already supports . Because the lamp is easy to find the way to many bedrooms, the white LED light above the play button may become unavailable if it interferes at night in the Sonos app.

ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

On the right side of the lamp body is an on / off knob to control the bulb. There is no light bulb in the box. Please remember that this box is an IKEA product. An E12 bulb (up to 7W) is required to illuminate the item. Ikea definitely likes to use a smart light bulb with a lamp speaker, but Philips Hue makes the light bulb for this socket and the dumb light bulb works perfectly. If you have a standard household bulb, you could try adapters, but you did not have time to test whether the adapter and bulb fits under a bulb-shaped glass light bulb. Nevertheless, Symfonisk table lamp speakers will not illuminate or come close to the room. Accent lighting. If you are looking for a powerful living room lamp, it is not.

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As mentioned earlier, desktop speakers sound like Sonos One or Play: 1, but they are not direct matches. For best sound quality, you should use Sonos TruePlay function, which adjusts and adjusts the speakers for optimal performance taking into account the room characteristics. Turning the speaker to the speaker sounds loud but still sounds strange, but the end result is awkward. The table lamps can certainly fill the living room or bedroom with sound and can sound loud enough.

1564060005 342 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

Setting up Symfonisk speakers with the Sonos app simplifies the process (especially if you have other Sonos devices). I also made suggestions that the Sonos app does not need to think that I bought a duo for the Symfonisk lamp, and I'm very excited to have to connect two of them to the rear surround speakers of the Sonos Beam soundbar. Lamps such as surround speakers. This world.

1564060005 136 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

1564060005 292 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

1564060005 966 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

Symfonisk Bookshelf Speakers

Bookcase speakers in white or black are decorated in a way that is designed to fit in well with the room and are not very careful. You can lay it flat or erect it. Rubberized feet and audio controls make it clear what side is right. Unfortunately, the bookshelf speaker does not have an auxiliary input. You could forgive that point with a lamp, but it would have been nice here.

IKEA is designed to be used as a small shelf, with a bookcase speaker mounted on the wall. You should be rational about what you put on it, as certified to weigh 6.6 pounds. I ended up with a few books. When you install speakers near your bed, IKEA sells placemats that prevent your phone from vibrating from the top.

  • Good stuff
    • The cheapest method from Sonos ecoystem
    • It can be mounted on the shelf [19659009] Sound satisfactory in size

Bad item

  • There is no microphone with built in voice assistant
  • The best audio I want two things for the experience
  • 3.5mm No auxiliary input

Because the bookcase speaker is large, I will not take off your socks. Sonos tells you that the lamp and bookcase speakers each contain two Class D digital amplifiers, one tweeter and one midwoofer. However, the difference in form factor means that the lamp plays a definite role in terms of bass and overall sound quality.

When you put one of them in a stereo pair, you actually hear the sound from the bookshelf speaker. You will have to spend $ 200 to go there. However, it is still smaller than some Sonos speakers and is the same price as one Sonos One. You can set it up like a table lamp with a Sonos Beam, a Playbar, or a rear speaker for Playbase. These would be a little more appropriate for their role than lamps. The usual Sonos stereo pair rules apply. You can connect two identical products and you can not mix and match.

1564060005 182 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

But the biggest advantage of bookshelves is the price of $ 99. This is a good introduction to the generations of college students at Sonos and the convenience of multi-room audio. I think the price sounds satisfactory. Here is the direct comparison to the bookshelf speaker. $ 100 Bluetooth speakers? What is standard Amazon Echo? I think I have surpassed both of these options.

1564060006 665 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

1564060006 137 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

The collaboration between Ikea and Sonos started with these two products. The company tells me that they are already working on what to do next. I would like a wireless charger as part of the lamp speaker, and I hope that future models will be able to provide more light than present.

It is easy to understand why this collective effort is so significant. IKEA's expertise is in creating other things related to the home. But I do not know anything about sound. On the other hand, Sonos continues to do his best even in the tech field, but he needs help to reach more places and new rooms. There is no Sonos speaker for

yet. Both require a hardwire for power, so you do not have to use the wireless option for the courtyard or backyard. Wi-Fi can reach there. Bookshelf speakers are safe in the bathroom but not completely waterproof. But with a new attempt at Ikea's efforts and on-demand home audio, Sonos is already reaching places that Amazon, Apple, and Google do not.

1564060007 52 ikeas new speakers are the most affordable way to get sonos in your home

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