Ikea reveals Sonos-powered bookshelf speaker ahead of April 9th event

Ikea has been bugging its new Symfonisk speakers with Sonos technology for months, but a new post from the company after celebrating its Red Dot design awards shows the final version of the next speaker (which is scheduled for an official revelation of the April 9) a little earlier than planned.

The final design of Symfonisk looks a lot like the original prototype that Ikea and Sonos exhibited last year: it will have a stand-up speaker design with the appropriate Ikea capacity to be mounted laterally, allowing it to be duplicated. A shelf or a nightstand. The final product also looks a bit more polished than the prototypes, along with a subtle Sonos / Ikea label on top.

ikea reveals sonos powered bookshelf speaker ahead of april 9th event

It is not clear if this Symfonisk design is the only one that Ikea will sell or if it will have other speakers with Sonos to offer that they did not win the Red Dot awards.

It is still not clear how much Symfonisk speakers will cost. Ikea and Sonos have previously said that the new loudspeakers will be sold "at an affordable price," but that remains to be seen. By way of comparison, the cheapest Sonos loudspeaker, the Play: 1, currently sells for $ 149. Presumably we will soon discover more, as Ikea plans to start selling Symfonisk in August.

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