iFixit pulls Galaxy Fold teardown at Samsung’s request

What is Samsung's work in the world due to the Galaxy Fold delay? The whole situation refuses to normalize and instead gets worse almost every day. Latest articles iFixit made a request to withdraw Samsung's Galaxy Fold demolition from the Internet, despite Samsung apparently not asking iFixit to do so.

AT & T's apparently arbitrary decision to email Galaxy Fold's potential shipment date even though Samsung has not officially set a new release date is a miracle. By requiring iFixit to tear up, Samsung is willing to pay Streisand effects to those who are trying to see the inside of their devices. Part of the iFixit statement on this matter is:

A trusted partner has provided a Galaxy Fold unit. Samsung has asked iFixit to remove teahead through its partner. We are not obligated to withdraw the analysis legally or otherwise. However, I would like to retract the story until I can buy a Galaxy Fold from a retail store in a respect for this partner who thinks it is an ally that can repair the device more easily.

Why does Samsung do this? We clearly asked for comment, but we do not think we can answer it. That's why we have reason to believe.

At the end of the philosophy of interpretive scales, Samsung will definitely rebuild folds, the design will change, and Samsung will not want to tear up on devices that it will not exhibit. Likelihood continues to decrease charitable activities. Perhaps it is not a partner who provided Fold in iFixit, but it may be that Samsung is under contract.

Or excellent evidence that there is a clear and potentially evasive mistake in fold design is excellent evidence that soil and sand can reach so easily. In this.

Regardless of Samsung's reasoning, it is not a good idea to ask for a takedown in . condition. Why would a company that is already nervous to quell bad media around this device would invite more by demanding that it be dirty.

Samsung did not send the removal request to The Verge . Our review of layers includes as originally designed, or all other content. In response to our request for this takedown request, or if you have other comments, we will let you know.

Meanwhile, you can read iFixit's Samsung Galaxy Fold tiered internet archive version.

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