Idle Death Knight Coupon Codes August 2021 & Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks –

The Idle Death Knight Coupon Code 2021 Wiki & Guide has a list of up-to-date working coupon codes as well as game guides, tips and tricks.

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

Idle Death Night Coupon Code August 2021⇓

Fastest coverage and regular updates to the new Idle Death Knight Coupon Codes 2021.

DK_500000 : Coupon code expires on October 12, 2021. Copy this redemption code: –


NEW_SERVER – Use this coupon code to get Amethyst x1000, Upgrade Stone Pouch (L) x100. Expires on August 14, 2021. Copy this code to use it. –


Gacha 300 – Use this coupon code to get a gear draw ticket x300. Expires on August 14, 2021. Copy this code to use it. –


Idle Death Knight Coupon Code 2021⇓

  • DK_500000 : Redeem this code and get x rewards (expires Oct 12, 2021)
  • IDLE_200DAY : Use this code to get Amethyst x1000, Upgrade Stone Pouch (L) x100.
  • Gacha 300 : Use this code to get 300 Equipment Draw Tickets.
  • SUMMER2000 : Redeem this code and get x2000 amethyst (valid until July 11, 2021)
  • Gacha 200 : Use this code to get a x200 gear draw ticket (valid until July 11, 2021)
  • April 2021 : Use this code to get x500 Amethyst, x3 Upgrade Stone Bag (L), and x50 Equipment Draw Ticket (Expires December 31, 2021)
  • DK200 : Use this code to get x200 gear draw ticket
  • IDLE_200DAY : Redeem this code and get x2000 amethyst (valid until June 23, 2021)

How to use coupon code?

To redeem the Idle Death Knight coupon code, tap Options -> Redeem Coupon > Insert Coupon Code > Enter on the screen. Or visit the official coupon code redemption website created by the game developer. –

Idle Death Knight Cheats, Guides, Tips & Strategies⇓

This article covers “How to Play Idle Death Knight” for all of the game’s in-game currency, tips and tricks for progress, and other aspects such as getting stronger, quests, and more. Now without further ado, let’s get started. Idle Death Knight cheats, guides, tips and tricks: –

Idle Death Knight In-Game Currency Guide

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

battery: When the death knight on the screen sends monsters to hell, you get a battery. You can use batteries to upgrade artifacts and get bonus effects. Also upgrades the Death Knight costume.

goldfinch: Gold Coins are another in-game currency obtained by eliminating monsters from the stage in the Idle Death Knight game. You can use gold coins to level up death knights and quests.

milk: You can get milk from cow level dungeons by completing quests. Players can use milk to level up the death knight’s skills and upgrade his character.

green color upgrade stone: Upgrade stones are required to upgrade weapons and shields.

transcendental stone: Transcendental Stones can be obtained by disassembling weapons. These transcendental stones are available in several grades. Grade D exceeds Stone, Grade C, Grade B, Grade A, Grade S, and Grade SS. Transcendence stones/materials are required to upgrade and transcend weapons and shields.

amethyst – Amethyst is the most valuable currency in the idle death knight game. Can be used to recruit allies or draw weapons/shields.

Dark Orb: A Dark Orb is required to evolve the Death Knight character.

lottery ticket: Use lottery tickets to get weapons and shields.

Idle Death Knight Progression Guide

(1) There are about 10 chapters in the Idle Death Knight game. Each chapter has hundreds of stages. At the top of the screen, you can see the current chapter number and the current stage. After completing certain stages, the death knight will challenge the boss. After defeating the boss, you can proceed to the next level and the next chapter. If you can’t defeat the boss, upgrade to get stronger, retreat and try again.

(2) Account level and Death Knight level are different. You can see your current account level in the top left corner. You can get character information (death knight) from the level tab of the character tab of the game. Use gold coins to level up your death knight.

(3) Complete the quest (at the top, next to the (!) symbol, check the current quest in progress) to receive a prize.

(4) Perform daily missions and achievements for free rewards.

Farm items in dungeons and PvP

(1) Content tab at the bottom left -> Small level dungeon -> Milk, Upgrade Stone, and Dark Orb can be obtained in this game mode. After completing the stage, you can sweep the stage by scrolling and obtain rewards immediately.

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

(2) PvP: DK vs DK mode is unlocked at account level 100. Earn Fame Points in this Idle Death Knight game mode and use them for items like Ultra Batteries, Small Level Tickets, Draw Tickets, Transcendental Stones and more.

Tips to get stronger in Idle Death Knight

(1) Equipment: Includes shields and weapons. Don’t waste your resources on D-, C-, and B-class weapons and shields. Weapons and shields of this rank are not helpful in the long run. A-class weapons/shields are good. S-class and SS-class weapons/shields are the best. Go to the gear shop -> you can get weapons and shields using draw tickets or amethyst. Go to Equipment -> Equip a high quality weapon/shield. Don’t upgrade any weapons or shields. Stick to certain items. Check your stats and equip the best one compared to others of the same level.

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

(2) Costume upgrade (Equipment -> Costume). Battery costs.

(3) Character: Level up, upgrade, character evolution with milk and dark drops, skill upgrade.

(4) Recruit colleagues.

(5) Acquire artifacts and upgrade artifacts. You can purchase artifacts with amethyst and upgrade them with batteries.

Get Freebies from Idle Death Knights

Go to the store -> watch the video ad for free amethyst. Video ad suggestions are often provided below the ranking button in the upper left corner. -> Watch video ads and get free rewards.

Upgrade your quests to grind more gold

Go to the Quests tab and you’ll see a variety of quests that can be unlocked with gold coins, and quests can also be upgraded with gold coins. This quest will give you gold coins every few minutes. Every new quest on the list brings more gold than the previous one.

Idle Death Knight Cheats and Cheat Codes

Unfortunately the time lapse cheat doesn’t work for the Idle Death Knight game and there is no cheat code for this game.

That’s all in this post about Idle Death Knight cheats, tips, and a beginner’s guide. Any more tricks? Please leave a comment below.

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